Monitoring Store Visits, Direction Requests, And More

Business owners with Adwords account with a physical location(s) added as location extensions, notice conversion actions in the “all conversions” tab. The reason for this is that Google Ads has now added insights from Google My Business (GMB) along with GPS tracking. Both insights are used to monitor GPS requests, store visits, and more. “Google-hosted” conversions like Store Visit, Website Visit, Directions are available in the conversion action settings page in Adwords account, through the local GMB listing.

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The column headers from the image above show a column for “All Conversions.” For reasons best known to them, Google Ads only shows Google My Business conversions in the “All Conversions” column. The reason for this might be the way its gathering conversion data from Google My Business. By clicking the column icon along with modifying your columns to include “All Conversions,” businesses can see their conversions in the reporting table.



Although little is known about how these conversions are tracked, it, however, comes with a responsive reporting feature. We must mention that the data might be a bit volatile, sometimes accounts showed various direction conversion.

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The Importance Of Conversion Data

Brick and mortar businesses are in need of responsive ways to track the number of foot traffic. Mind you, lots of customers begin their journey online with either Google Search or Google Maps. So this blends results with Google Map Listing and Google Search results.



Businesses that use Google Ads and Google My Business Reporting Insights into how many people get direction requests from paid and non paid ads. The additional data can be useful from further insights and tracking.



Getting a visitor to walk into any business is what qualifies as a lead. That in addition to chat requests, calls, email requests, and other lead-based conversions will help businesses get an accurate cost-per-lead. This also allows businesses to optimize campaigns more intelligently.

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