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Mixed Progress on Coronavirus Vaccines around the World

There has been mixed progress on coronavirus development as Governments all around the world are moving towards lockdown lift. Amidst the pandemic outbreak, multiple organizations are working towards finding a main ground to stop the pandemic.  There have been various modes of drug development. Most recently a Pakistani firm has uptaken the use of Remdesivir against corona. Previously, the drug has cut down symptoms from 15 days to 11 days in clinical trials. Even though Remdesivir has been originally designed for Ebola, doctors in Pakistan are positive that it may play a significant role in drug development against COVID-19. A preliminary test has been conducted by Tal Zaks of Moderna, a US firm which is suggesting the first coronavirus vaccine to be tested in people which can be safe and simulate an immune response against the virus. The laboratory results showed how the antibodies generated by the volunteers were successful to stop the virus from replicating the human cells. The US Stock market definitely hit it sharp soon after the announcement was made. However there are certain pieces of concern which needs to be addressed by the officials. While the laboratory results may have significant impact, it remains to be seen whether the vaccine will be effective on different pools of genetic variety. Following this concern comes the commercial distributions and of course the speedy manufacturing. On the other hand, a trial vaccine has failed to develop any effective results to stop the virus spread in six rhesus macaque monkeys. However, the vaccine prevented the monkeys from developing pneumonia showing that the vaccine may have some effect on helping the corona patients. Currently there are more than 100 developments of coronavirus vaccines. Many UK newspapers have celebrated the progress of the first vaccine trial on the volunteer. The trial is in strong hopes to take it on to tests to gauge on how effective the vaccine is going to be by early August, giving a good hope that the vaccine may be ready as early as before the end of the year. Such vaccine development will certainly solve the puzzle of whether lifting the social distancing measures of the country will get out of place or not. Unfortunately, according to Maria Bottazzi of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, the schedule drafted here is ‘unrealistic’. Bottazzi strongly thinks that even if the plan is to surpass the trials and goes according to the plan during the initial phases of trial. Researchers will require a significant time to determine how it is helping the mass majority from COVID-19, and also if it comes with serious side effects. The drug trial test in these measures, if not completed, will still be putting the vaccinated person exposed to coronavirus. In most developments of vaccines, it is always less guaranteed about how the vaccine will be safe and effective. A 2013 study found that conventional and average experimental vaccines have a 6 percent chance of making it effective to the market. If it does reach on a commercial level, 2019 analyses suggest that only 33.4 % of drug success is possible. Even under the best of circumstances, the world should expect a 12 to 18 month of vaccine development before the vaccine can be widely available. The 2013 study also found that from 1998 to 2009, the average time-frame for vaccine development required 10.5 years. While there might be improved chances of speeding up this process, yet in the latest successful virus vaccine development, the most successful vaccine was the Ebola vaccine which took 5 years to surface to the vaccine level. This also suggests a fall down of investments, if the vaccine fails to pans out as planned. A determined path for the vaccine development to a commercial development will mean that researchers wouldn’t be able to study the side effects of a vaccine trial on the public. 

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