Minister Neeraj Kumar: Only Corruption, Crime, Looting Speaks in Lalu-Rabri Raj

Patna, 28 May. The information and public relations minister of Bihar government Neeraj Kumar today appeared before the public through India News Live and presented data on the non-factual questions of the Leader of Opposition along with details of the achievements of the Government of Bihar and the rule of law.

In his one-hour Facebook live, he met with more than 67 thousand citizens and opened a point-by-point response to the Leader of Opposition in which he elaborated and answered all the questions of raising questions on the rule of law as well as Lalu-Rabri The Honorable High Court has sought answers to the serious remarks made by Patna and the action taken by the then government on the brutal killing of Dalits, Backward, Extremely Backward and general people in 118 massacres in 1990 to 2005. India news live takes latest and old news cases in front of you.

Daily Mail India Report

The Hon’ble High Court, Patna consistently made serious comments on the government but the functioning of the government did not improve.

  • The Hon’ble High Court dated 05.08.1997 notes that –

 “No Government worth the name is existing in the State. The State Government is not in a position to do its duty and people are forced to live in the jungle raj. ”

  • The Honorable High Court dated 06.08.1997 notes that –

 “Even jungle raj has some rules but in Bihar even these are not followed. Nothing happens in the State. Repair f roads and even cleaning activity is also accomplished only under the orders of the court. ”

Through his Facebook Daily Mail India, he raised the Leader of Opposition in the rage and asked that we have responded to all the questions you have mentioned, do you have the ability to take action on crimes committed during the reign of your parents in public To present, Laluism is an ideology for you. Is the prime minister of Laluism a crime, the public wants to know what action was taken in 5 thousand 243 incidents of kidnapping for ransom from 1990 to 2005, if action was not taken then why? Who tied the hand of the police? There were 251 kidnapping incidents for ransom only in the year 2005, but why cipher?

Tejashwi Yadav ji just tell us what action was taken in the kidnapping incidents for ransom? How many arrests were made? How much are the decorators? If not, why? Who stopped the police from taking action?


We expect from the Leader of the Opposition that we have presented the answers to all your questions to the public in letter and spirit, now you should present your clarification before the public on the question mentioned in favor, the people of Bihar are curious to know why the prime minister of Laluism is a crime?

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