Millions Return To Work In Italy After Weeks Of Lockdown

Italy is coming back and life is finally, returning to the eternal city at Rome’s, villa borghese overlooking st. Peter’s, Basilica first walks first jogs parks, had been off-limits until now this is, the first time Carlo and Francesca, Pavoni has been out of their homes.


Since Italy went into total lockdown, nearly two months ago happy that you’re, out in the sunshine and I’m very happy, look at the Sun that’s shining he said, Italy was hard-hit bike, Ovid, with around, a thousand deaths a day now deaths are, down up to 75% on some days but Italy is, opening cautiously restaurants are open, just for takeaway real estate agents and, eyeglasses shops open to the deputy.

Health minister told in news that businesses were, chosen that don’t draw crowds as a test, for the rest and I believe that we will, restart entirely over the next month.

Italians are still hurting this, a hundred-year-old family-owned bakery, made everything here for today but, barely sold anything people are still, scared to come out.

Sarah Joe told , it’s not the Dolce Vita yet in Italy but, today life here got a little sweeter, officials here told me today’s partial, reopening ‘he’s put 4.5 million people, back to work.

Soon we will see Italy Series A running in Rome. Like from 26 May, German Bundesliga will start. All the action you can watch on Sky sport and all football prediction on various sites.

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