Mika Singh performs in Pakistan and faces ban

Mika Singh alias Amrik Singh’s gig at Pervez Musharraf’s relative in Karachi has put him at the center of a major controversy. A video of his performance during at event in Karachi has gone viral over the internet and is flashing across daily news in Hindi. People across the country have lambasted him for his performance, calling them shameful and shattering.

According to ETV Bharat News, the singer and the troupe had valid visas of 30 days for performing in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. He performed at Adnan Asad’s daughter, who is close to the former President of Pakistan. A few media reports allege that he charged around Rs.1.06 crores for the performance.

At a press conference in Mumbai, Mika Singh stated that he went to Pakistan to visit Gurudwara of Nankana Sahib and it was just a matter of chance that he landed on 3rd august 2019 and revocation of article 370 happened on 5th august 2017.

Two days after the singer’s performance, FWICE (the federation of western India cine employees) banned and boycotted Mika Singh irrevocably forever in India from any kind of performances, playback singing, and recordings. AICWA (all India cine workers associations) president Suresh Shyamlal Gupta released a statement on the matter, which condemned Mika Singh for putting the profession above the pride of the country. The statement elicits that no one from India is allowed to perform with Mika Singh; if anyone does so, they might have to face legal consequences. AICWA has also requested the Ministry for Information and technology to take stringent actions against the singer.

Actor Rakhi Sawant, who remains in news for creating controversies, spoke on this topic to International Business times and said, Mika Singh, is so much after money that he didn’t even care about the reputation of the country. Besides, she said, Mika Singh should know how to respect the country who gave him name and fame.

After facing a boycott from the country, Mika Singh wrote a non-cooperation letter to the organization in which he states that he wilfully agrees on the confederation decided. Besides, Mika has said that, for his wrongdoing, he is ready to apologize to the country, and he also affirmed that he will not repeat this in the future. The singer requested a chance to offer explanations before any kind of ban is imposed on him.

Before preceding this matter further legally President of FWICE gave Mika Singh a chance and has arranged a meeting of him and film body representatives on Tuesday 20th August 2019.

At last B.N. Tiwari, president of FWICE removed the ban that was imposed on Mika Singh and announced that India has got adequate talent so Pakistani actors are not allowed in the Indian film industry. He added in his statement that India’s youth will develop its innate talent and will take it forward.

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