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You may be surprised to hear that the majority of memes used in political campaigning are jokes, satirical content or about celebrities, such as Justin Bieber or Girls.
But when it comes to serious subjects, a small minority of political memes are about serious subjects, or are used to spread serious political messages, like the 2015 US presidential race, the backlash against anti-Muslim activists, or the protests against President Donald Trump.
Looking at memes and Memes & Trending stories on Instagram over the last two years, HuffPost UK found that at least 81% were trending, viral, meme-themed or influenced by current issues or celebrities.
However, the chart below shows some of the times political memes made news over the last couple of years.
Embedded memes are always newsworthy. Take this example of Barack Obama retweeting his wife’s joke about Harry Potter to show how Twitter becomes a discussion topic when politics is being discussed:
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Source: HuffPost UK
Alex Spence is a reporter at HuffPost UK, following the news, creating memes and filling you in on the trends. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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