Marriages in LockDown you must check out

South Indian movie industry is becoming popular day by day and their stars have started enjoying huge stardom specially post Baahubali setting new records. It is one of the reason why south indian movies dubbed in Hindi for better reach. In this article, we are doing to cover the marriages of South Indian stars which took place in this lockdown. Due to this defecation coronavirus, many couples marriages had been extended.

Every couples have many curosity about own marriage, but still no one can help these couples who had been planning their marriage with lots of excitement. But due to the lockdown the dates of marriage extending from march, but after the 2 stages of lock down our prime minister announced the criterias for 3rd lockdown and given us some relief ,he told to everyone that essential work may be done but with social distancing and with proper sanitization.

They followed the proper norms of lockdown.


Actor Nikhil Siddhartha Gets Married to Pallavi Varma Amid Lockdown

Nikhil sidharta and pallavi were in relationship from a long time  and after some years they decided to get married.Thay decided to tie knot on (April 15 and 16) but from march lockdown had is extending.During the lockdown NIKHIL SIDDHARTA AND DR.PALLAVI got married on 14 may in HYDERABAD.

Wedding ceremony was done privately at the farm house in hyderabad.

In there’s wedding only close friends and families was invited.But no one know how the pics and videos gone viral on social media.

The pre wedding ceremonyes like Haldi and mehndi was on day before the marriage.

Nikhil and pallavi had planned an grand wedding on April 15 and 16, but due to this pandemic they got married in presence of family and some close friends only and they told that they will throw a grand party when this lockdown will be lifted.

Here is another popular wedding in mumbai:-

Marathi Actor Akshay Waghmare To Marry Arun Gawli's Daughter ...

Underworld don( ARUN GAWLIS) daughter YOGITA  is set to marry with marathi actor AKSHAY WAGHMARE a simple ceremony in central mumbai DAGADI CHAWL on friday

This couple get married at SHANKAR TEMPLE in the presence of their family member without doing any big celebration.Earlier, they were scheduled to get married march 29 in a grand hotel in a five star hotel in lower parel, but due to the covid-19 all plans had been canceled pr post poned to the ongoing lockdown

The agri pada police have been informed by the family and only three to four guest each from both families were attending the wedding ceremony

Every family member accept the lockdown rules and do the conplete wedding  ceremony.

Marathi actor and his family take the secured permission from the authorities to travelled MUMBAI for wedding

While Akshay is known for acting on other side yogita is professional lawyer.she also runs an NGO that she distributes free sanitary pads to underprivileged women.

Did you hear about any more marriages of any star amidst this lockdown? Let us know in the comments section.

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