Lockdown extended by Two weeks, India split into red, green and orange zones

The Centre has expanded the nationwide lockdown, put into include the Coronavirus outbreak, by two more weeks. This Sunday it was set to end However, now it’s been pushed to May 17.

“Following a comprehensive review, also in view of this lockdown measures Having led to significant gains from the COVID-19 situation in the Country, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India (GoI) Issued an Order under the Disaster Management Act, 2005to Further expand the lockdown for a further period of two weeks beyond May 4, 2020,” said a home ministry notification.
The Extension will however find Dependent on the spread of this virus at the districts (hotspot), orange and green zones.

The zones are districts with zero confirmed cases until Date; or, no confirmed case in the last 21 days. The classification of Districts as zones will take the total number of active Cases, doubling rate of confirmed cases, extent of testing and Shall be classified as Orange zones.

In All people above 65 decades old, zones, persons with co-morbidities, Pregnant women, and children under age 10 decades, shall stay at Home, except for essential needs and for health functions. Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) and Healthcare clinics shall be permitted To operate in Orange Red and Green Zones, with norms that are distancing.

Air, Rail, metro, conducting of schools, colleges, and other educational and Training/coaching institutions; hospitality services, including resorts And restaurants; places of public gatherings, for example theatre Halls, malls, gymnasiums, sports complexes etc; political, social, Cultural and other kinds of gatherings; and, spiritual places/ places of Worship for people. But, movement of persons by rail, air and road Is allowed for purposes, and as allowed by MHA.


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