List of People Who Got Rich From Doing Crypto Trading

In the past few years, cryptocurrency trading has become a popular way to make money. Some people have made a lot of money by investing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

If you’re thinking about getting involved in crypto trading you may be wondering if it’s possible to get rich from it. The answer is yes! There are plenty of people who have become millionaires by trading cryptocurrencies.

  • Eric Feynman

When each bitcoin was worth $12 in 2011, Eric Feynman borrowed his $1000 from his grandmother, invested in bitcoin with the help of his brother when he was 11, and invested in bitcoin in late 2013. He made a fortune when the value of Bitcoin reached $1200.

In January 2015, Fineman owned his own education company, but he sold his education company and chose between accepting $100,000 or his 300 bitcoins. he took bitcoin Feynman also achieves his goal of becoming an 18-year-old millionaire and does not go to college. 

He says he’s excited to learn from real-world experiences. However, Fineman remains busy with numerous projects, including working with NASA. These activities, along with his good business sense, may have helped him reach the position he is in today.

  • Winklevoss Brothers

The Winklevoss twin was one of the first bitcoin investors, and becoming the first bitcoin millionaire rewarded his initial investment, trust, and perseverance in this new breakthrough technology. .

  • Peter Saddington

Atlanta’s Peter Saddington first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, and he bought it for less than $3 a coin. The return on these early investments was around 250,000% when the amount of Bitcoin was around $7,500. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said entrepreneur Peter Saddington, 35, who has a BS in computer science and three master’s degrees. “What convinced me it was worth the investment is that the code is based on math. You can’t turn it off.

  • Jared Kenna

Young billionaire Jared Kenna started investing in Bitcoin by buying it for as little as $0.20 apiece. Years later, when each bitcoin was worth $258, he made a fortune selling his coins. Man Admits Lost Nearly $200,000 Formatting Flash Drive So Young Billionaire Could Have Earned Over An Impressive $30 Million Had It Not Been For His Mistakes is.

  • Charlie Shram

One of Bitcoin’s youngest billionaires, Charlie Shrem began his journey as co-owner of Evr, a popular gastropub in Manhattan. By the way, this place was he one of the first to accept bitcoin payments. 

Initially, Shrem bought Bitcoin for $3-4. Eventually, when it hit $20, he bought thousands more. He then founded Bitinstant, a brick-and-mortar store where people can buy Bitcoin. Bitinstant now works as an exchange platform.


In conclusion, anyone can get rich from crypto trading if they put in the work and invest wisely. With so many opportunities for growth and profit, there’s no excuse not to get started today. So what are you waiting for? Start trading crypto and make your fortune!

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