Ken Julian Points Out Some Key Differences Between an Executive Producer and a Producer in a Movie

As a person sits through the end of the movie credits, they might find that certain movies have even more producers listed than the actors. Ken Julian points out that there are multiple types of producers working on films, TV shows, music videos, and so on. Understanding the difference between the major producer roles is vital for anyone planning to join the film industry in the future. In many ways, an executive producer can be considered to be a top tog, while a variety of producers has varied roles work under him or her.

Broadly speaking, an executive producer is the one who is responsible for supervising the other producers who work on the project. Ken Julian says that the role of the former is superior in position in comparison to the producers. The executive producer additionally is heavily involved in sourcing and managing the funds needed for film production, while a producer works towards organizing a variety of daily activities associated with the filmmaking process.

In certain ways, the executive producer of a movie can be thought of as the CEO of the project. They are the ones who hire the important talents and leaders associated with the project, including the producers, lead actors, and directors, and subsequently supervise them. The executive producers may even finance the project either by themselves or by finding investors for it. They put a great focus on raising the capital needed for production. In certain cases, a company or studio can serve in the capacity of the executive producer, and have one of their major employees working in the role. Executive producers might even manage multiple projects at once, and do not even visit the movie set at all. They can simply delegate tasks associated with their role to others.

Ken Julian mentions that if the job of executive producers is thought in the same lines as that of a CEO, then the producers can be considered to be the supervisors of the project, in a similar manner. These professionals are usually present on the set whenever needed, and each department head of the film production reports to them. Producers also collaborate with the director to make sure that the needed vision of the project is effectively realized, while meeting the budgetary requirements. They often coordinate and schedule the important components of a project, right from its development phase to the distribution process.

After the producer comes the associate producer, also known as the line manager. They are the second in charge after the producer, and can be in charge of coordinating various aspects of the product, especially in the case of major film productions. Many movies also have a segment producer who works on one segment of a project, such as a television segment or a European filming segment. A line producer, on the other hand, is a hands-on professional who works with movie talents to make decisions in regards to the direction of the film.

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