J&T Express Guide to Tracking and Shipping Packages

J&T Express Guide to Tracking and Shipping Packages

Themarket for logistics services in thePhilippines isprojected to growin the aftermath of the pandemic and beyond due to the increaseine-commerce transactions duringthe lockdown.The company that is joining the logistics market andin competition withLBC Express and JRS Express is abrand new company inthe logisticsindustry: J&T Express.

Although it wasfirst launched in2018 in the PhilippinesJ&T Express hasgarneredmuch attention ontraditional and socialmedia.J&T Express is also apopular brand forsellersandbuyers.If youfrequently purchasethroughShopee, you likely havereceivedsome of your ordersvia this shipping company.

J&T Express can provide adelivery service forproducts to customers and theirlovedones.Here’s a comprehensive guide to j&t rates and delivery processes,as well as other information you shouldbe aware of about this logistics company.

What isJ&T Express?

J&T Express is an e-commerce express deliveryfirm that is basedinthe Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia (where it wasestablishedin2015).The logistics company that operatesin Southeast Asia serves mainlysmall andmedium enterprises(SMEs)as well asonlinecompanies.It givesonline sellers thepossibilitytodeliver packages usingJ&T Express boxes, or their own packaging.

HowJ&T Express Works

J&T Express is a logistics service provider. Itfunctions just likeany other courier company inthe Philippines.The variety of features, which help ensurereliable, safe,andtimely delivery is what helps itdifferentfrom other delivery services.

J&T Express Delivery Services

  • National coverageviamore than 400 J&T Express branches, warehouses and offices
  • All-hours, all-the-day operation throughout the calendarfull
  • Four-Service Platforms forShipping and TrackingPackages: J&T Express website and mobileapplication, socialmedia [2] anda 24/7 customer supporthotline (02)891-1888
  • Security packagedeals can bemonitored by CCTV24 hours a day,
  • System for tracking usingGPS totrackdelivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service platform thatlets online sellershandle transactions, speed upJ&T Express delivery processes, andmuch more)
  • The ClaimsSystems providesreimbursement forpackages thatare lostor damaged

J&T Express Delivery Process

You have two options forshippingwithJ&T Express.You candropoff your parcelsat a branchorhave them deliveredto yourresidence.

Howdo IShipusing J&T ExpressBranch Stores

  1. Completethe drop offrequest form onthe J&T Express Philippines website [3or 3ormobile app.
  2. Click on theOrderbutton.
  3. Find the nearestJ&T Express branch.
  4. The barcodeyou received duringdrop-off is required to be presented.
  5. Send the packages to be deliveredto thepersonnel.
  6. Pay the shipping fee.

Book J&T Express Pickup Service

For arranging the pick-upof yourpackage You can make a reservation onthe J&T Express website, mobileapp, 24/7 customer supporthotline or phonenumbers of branches in your area[4for a branch number.The J&T Express pickup service isno cost.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcost based on distance fromthedestination and the weightof thepackage.You can calculatetheshipping cost foryourparticular delivery by usingthe calculatoron theJ&T Express website. [55

You may refer to thesetablesfor packages that weigh less than 6kg.

j&t shipping rates  from Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcharges based on thedistance between thepoint of origin anddestination of theparcel anditsweight.It is possible to calculatetheshipping cost foryourspecific delivery usingthe calculatoron theJ&T Express website. [55

Priceof J&T Express Boxes

You canbuyJ&T boxesseparatelyfrom any branch ifprefer toship parcels usingJ&T boxes. jnt rates  arecharged according tothesize of the box and itsweight capacity.

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