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Join ToucanWin Penny Auction

Join ToucanWin Penny Auction

Join ToucanWin Penny Auction

Now After the Penny Auction closes, I’ll offer these entries up for sale to the public. I might hold back some of the more stunning items for a smaller Penny Auction later on.

This contest is open to the highest bidder for the entire month. Each month is a different theme that challenges the artists, writers and designers. The first month, all entries had to come in as wallpapers and made available as apps.  Join ToucanWin Penny Auction  The second month, the theme was short films. This month, I’m throwing in the Toucan Win aspect. The winning artist and designer will receive a prize worth $50 and I’ll design an official ToucanWin button for them to use for the duration of the project.

This new edition of Toucan Win will feature 10 awesome themes for you to tackle. All entries will be featured on the blog, as well as given away to the Toucan Win participants.

I’ll be introducing some very special guest judges this time around. These are all recognized artists, writers and designers who have been active in the games industry for some time.

ToucanWin Penny Auction Overview

Auctions are events in online games where you can bid on objects that are available in the game. This system is similar to eBay, but online games give you more freedom to bid in larger quantities. The advantage of Auction Tracker is that you don’t need to be physically around the item when you bid. For example, if you want to bid on a Pokemon DVD, you can do it right from the game.

You can purchase them through the In-Game Shop. You can also sell the items you own, but in most cases you are required to send it through the Auction System.

ToucanWin Penny Auction News

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