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Coronavirus has been an unwarranted situation for all of us, and everyone is fighting in their way. Too many people affected around the world, health officials and other frontline workers are fighting it out.

The US is the most affected country in the world from this pandemic. Brazil and Russia follow in the number of cases reported, and the numbers continue to pile up every day. Health officials are warning that mass gathering could spread the coronavirus further, as the economy is about to start.

Protests in the US continue for days with overnight clashes with police and protestors for the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis. The WHO has been getting flask from all around for praising the effort of China in the coronavirus outbreak. According to China, they did everything to prevent and warn the world about it. But the article published by the Associated Press goes in the details about events that followed from the starting of the Coronavirus outbreak back in December 2019.

Italy is seeing new Protests

Italy sees the new anti government movements from a group called ‘Orange Vests.’ And the group is led by a former Police General who is calling for the Government to resign over how it handled the Coronavirus crisis in the country.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in support of the Police General, and they chanted ‘Liberta!’, asking for resignations. Describing themselves as the right-libertarian, the Police General says that the coronavirus pandemic does not exist.

Questions over Data Used in COVID studies

Two very influential medical journals have issued concerns about the data used in the different coronavirus studies. A study by the Lancet shows that administering the hydroxychloroquine to the coronavirus patients was linked to an increased rate of mortality and causes serious heart rhythm problems.

They published their paper to alert the readers about the fact that serious scientific questions have been brought to our attention.

In another study, it is found that heart disease drugs, ACE inhibitors, didn’t worsen the risk of death for COVID patients. The data used in both of the studies was provided by Surgisphere, which is a public service organization. Surgisphere describes itself as the public service organization dedicated to making the world a better place.

Scientists conducting the studies concluded that data mix up did not affect the results of the studies, which begs the question over the data.

India Reported More than 200,000 cases till date

The reported cases in India crossed 200,000-mark last night, and almost half of them have already been discharged. According to this data, India is a worse affected country in the Asia region.

The death toll in India has climbed up to 5,815, and the active cases are at 101,497. Cases in India have been soaring up despite the rigorous lockdown in the country. The Lockdown in the country started in late March and continues till today. But low-risk areas have begun to start the operations. The peak of infections in India, one of the most populous countries in the world, is still far away, as reported by ICMR. Only six other countries US, Brazil, Russia, UK, Spain, and Italy, have more cases than India.

COVID tracking

As we all know how deadly this virus can be for anyone with pre-existing conditions. So. It is essential for us to know more about coronavirus.

Apple has launched a website and app that will let the users screen themselves. The screening process is autonomous and doesn’t require an Apple account. The tool offered by Apple provides the resources for screening, information, and info about how to get the treatment.

Apple has collaborated with the CDC and FEMA to develop these tools, so the information provided here will be accurate.

Google has also been providing accurate information about COVID on its search page. You can also look at the COVID tracker of Google that lists the daily number of cases of COVID in the world and different countries.

If you want to know more about COVID tracking tools from Google and Apple, you can go to and read the articles. These are all the coronavirus updates you need to know about today.

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