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Italians take more and more drugs

The highest growth in Europe

One of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Italy recently celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary, with business still booming. Indeed, in 2019, its turnover increased by 30%.

This fact is indicative of today’s society. More and more drugs are readily available and more and more people make use of them. Research has really made great strides in this area and will continue to do so in the future.

In addition to doctors and other professionals in the sector, in the future, pharmacists will play an increasingly key role. Given the wide range of drugs available, they will have to advise patients both on which drug is the best for their situation and on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

From 2010 to 2016 pharma export in Italy has grown more than all big Eu countries and more than big European countries’ average.

The performance of export is the result of increased quality of medicines and vaccines exported all over the world.

In 2010-2016 the average value of export registered a growth of +18% (compared to +1% of the European average).

The pharmaceutical industry in Italy

Here are some facts and figures of the pharmaceutical industry in Italy:

  • 200 companies, member of Farmindustria, representing 90% of the industrial value of the pharmaceutical sector in Italy
  • 64,000 employees (90% graduates), 44% women, and 66,000 in upstream sectors
  • 6,200 R&D employees, 52% women
  • € 30 billion of manufacturing value, 71% of which due to export (€21 billions)
  • € 2.7 billion in investments, €1.5 of which in R&D and €1.2 in hi-tech plants and machinery

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In the last few years, the role of first in class medicines (those that start a new class of products) has greatly increased, as has that of beyond the pill innovation, due to the integration between medicines and digital devices, to improve the patient’s health outcome.

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, it might be a good idea to learn Italian.

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