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New Songs

Isabell Slim has tens of pre-recorded songs that are waiting to be uploaded. The main obstacle is that Isabell can never compromise on the quality of his songs. He is a perfectionist, so he likes everything perfect. Isabell visits and revisits the songs that he has already recorded and makes alterations in them as he deems necessary. Further, at first, he only used to upload his music on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Jiosaavn. In these platforms, only audio is available, thus viewers cannot enjoy it to the fullest. Rap and Hip-Hop need to have a video too as it adds extra effects. Hence, Isabell has recently started his YouTube channel in which he uploads his famous songs with videos. The quality of his content is simply the best. To back this statement of mine, I would mention the like percentage of his recent song, “Is that him”. To your surprise, it has 99.5% likes when this article is being written.

Hiring policy

Isabell Slim has been doing successful concerts for quite some time now. So for a young audience, and a tight budget, he is the best option. He knows how to lift the environment and with his flow in rapping, he indulges the audience with him. To hire him for a concert, contact at his WhatsApp number or through his original website with proper details. Mention if you want to conduct the concert for a charity or just entertainment too.

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Isabell Slim: an inspiration

Isabell Slim has now become an inspiration for young rappers who want to make a career in rapping and Hip-Hop. His success story serves as a guide to youngsters and gives them hope that although they are not very popular right now, there will come a time when they will be successful. Having said that, they must have the talent and they must work hard with proper commitment and dedication to their cause to achieve their goal.

Fan base

Isabell Slim is not only a popular rapper but also a loved one, the reason being his humble nature. He loves to get in touch with his fans and followers and is often seen taking selfies with them. His fans particularly relish posting these photos on social media.

How to collaborate

Below, I have mentioned Isabell Slim’s contact details. He is open to any collaboration requests right now but make sure you have proper experience in your field. He has already recorded many songs that need to be uploaded with videos, and he is open to any new ideas. Just send him a formal collaboration request and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure that you contact his original account or number. I have mentioned the contact details in the Contact details section.

Isabell Slim is available on:

Personal Website:
Sound Cloud:
Amazon Music:
YouTube: https: //
Apple Music:

Contact Isabell:

Facebook: Isabell Slim at
Instagram: Isabell_slim at
WhatsApp: +1 318-267-7975

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