Insurance is also Compulsory for the Tractor!

Your tractor also needs insurance. There are hardly any differences compared to car insurance for cars.

As soon as you are driving your tractor not only on your private property but also on public roads , you have to insure it. The same applies to tractors as to other motor vehicles: According to the compulsory insurance law, at least one liability insurance must be available.

From a legal point of view, it makes no difference whether you drive an agricultural tractor or a car. As usual, you also have the choice between liability and comprehensive insurance for your tractor.

Here you should take a closer look and compare tariffs, because the type of agricultural vehicle you want to insure does play a role in terms of insurance and the amount of the premiums . Which factors are relevant for tractor insurance? In comparison, you should pay attention to a few aspects. You can find out what these are in this guide.

Important for the price and insurance comparison: which tractor should be insured?

Normal liability insurance is particularly cheap for tractors.  But you can also opt for comprehensive insurance.

Like any other motor vehicle insurance, the amount of the contribution and the scope of coverage depend on the vehicle, among other things. In comparison to other models, the tractor insurance cost takes into account the following aspects, among others:

Power in kilowatts (kW) : The power of the tractor is particularly important for the amount of insurance premiums. For tractors with less than 44 kW you pay between 20 and 170 euros per year. More powerful tractors with over 45 kW are a little more significant at up to 600 euros per year.

Regional and type class: In this point, tractor insurance does not differ from normal car insurance. Depending on where you live and what type of vehicle your tractor belongs to (the brand is also important), this will affect the contributions.

Special rates in tractor insurance

Important when comparing insurance: tractor and other farming machinery are valued according to the risk ratio.

How does tractor insurance differ from normal liability insurance?

In fact, depending on the provider, you can take out ordinary liability for your tractor. However, some insurers offer special tariffs for farmers (e.g the agricultural tariff).

In contrast to normal liability, which usually only covers damage to the vehicle of the other party involved in the accident , special tractor insurances also step in if costly repairs are necessary on your own tractor.

Another advantage of tractor insurance compared to other liability insurances: insurers often offer a fleet tariff. If you have a farm that uses several tractors, you can insure them together. The no-claims discount is also usually an option.

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