Insurance Coverage Does Not Extend To Some Water Damages

Insurance Coverage Does Not Extend To Some Water Damages

Some property owners in Shasta County were taking inventory on Monday subsequent to the high winds and torrential rains that swept through the neighborhood.

Several calls were screened by disaster recovery agencies such as SERVPRO following Monday’s storm. The officer manager for SERVPRO’s Redding office, Nicki Thompson stated that most of the calls were concerning the flood mishap.

Thompson stated after a call has been received from a client, the situation will be evaluated at which any standing water will have to be immediately evacuated in order to avoid additional damage such as mold or dry rot.

Thompson stated that SERVPRO collaborated with the insurance company and the homeowner.

The rain fell mostly in the north of Redding. About 2 -inches of rain fell in 24 hours in places like Shasta Dam, which stopped on Monday around 10 am. While only a quarter-inch was received within that period at the Redding Municipal Airport, which is south of Churn Creek Bottom.

The Farm insurance agent in the state of Redding, Jeff Avery stated that destruction by water is not covered by the homeowner’s policy except there is a federal flood insurance policy. He stated that any type of surface is not covered.

The destruction covered in a regular homeowner’s policy includes cases where a tree crashed down on your home or a burst water pipe that resulted in damages.

A regular policy might also cover water leaks from the roof caused by shingles being removed due to storm.

Redding’s Farmers insurance agent, Daniel Urban indicated that insurance is meant for calamities, not for improper maintenance.

Urban continued that water damages or molds as a result of neglected maintenance or roof leaks over the years, it will most likely not covered.

However, it is better to put a call through to an insurance agent to be certain.

Urban and Avery both indicated that consistent series of storms that swept the entire neighborhood kept them occupied.

Avery stated that it was surely a very busy period than the years without rain.

The Contractors License Board in the state warned homeowners to proceed with caution to avoid becoming a victim twice.

It is important to employ the services of a professional contractor who can handle repairs. The law in California does not permit in employing anyone without a license issued by the state for a task that is $500 or more in material cost or combined labor.


Although, Avery stated that most homeowner’s policies have been integrated with living expenses.

Avery stated that you might require a hotel, a furnished home or apartment to stay for a while if you are unable to reside in your home during repairs.


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