Install Vidmate app to your Android Device and download any video you want

Vidmate is the app I recommend for downloading YouTube videos on Android. It’s free, easy to use, and lets you save YouTube videos in a variety of formats, including audio-only.

Click on the Android Freeware option, then on the Latest version, and finally on Install APK to get Vidmate app from its official website ( Choose the browser you’re currently using if you’re asked which programme you’d like to use to download Vidmate app. Then answer to any cautions that show on the screen by hitting the OK or Download buttons.

Install Vidmate app to your smartphone

In order to install an app, expand the Android notification centre (by sliding from the top of your screen down) and press on your newly downloaded .apk file in order to start the installation process. Touch Install and Open in the new window to complete the installation and launch Vidmate.

As soon as the application is launched, accept its terms of service by clicking the ‘I agree’ button, grant Vidmate app the necessary permissions to function, and close the release notes screen. Choose whether to use the app with targeted ads or not.

Search for your Favorite videos

After clicking on the magnifying glass button at top right and typing the title of the movie in the text field, you can start playing it and select the arrow icon at bottom right to start downloading YouTube videos to your device.

This will reveal a menu where you can decide on the file type and resolution of your movie before pressing the arrow button at bottom right again to begin downloading it.

You can even download audio files

You may be offered to download MP3 Video Converter during the first download, but no app is necessary for Vidmate to work properly. According to the quality, you can convert the mp4 file to any other audio format.

The video and audio formats available from this clip will be listed. In fact, with Vidmate app, it is possible to download the entire video in the available formats, or simply the audio track of the video, in case you want to download the song from a music clip. Once you have chosen the video or audio format, click on the red download button with the down arrow corresponding to the desired format; immediately afterward the download of the MP4 file or MP3 file will start.

Instead, slide from right to left on the screen to bring up the main menu of the application, then tap the icon with the down arrow situated at the top of the screen to see the progress of the downloads. Your device’s Videos folder will be filled with the downloaded videos.

Easily Manage your Videos

If desired, the multimedia content can be shared via social networks, via email or with WhatsApp. The sharing option (Share) is present in the menu that opens after pressing the three dots icon in the video frame, inside the Completed folder of the application. Among the available options, there is also the possibility of deleting the file with a tap on the Delete item.

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