Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange

Several changes have occurred in the information technology industry over the past two years. Most of them concern the working conditions of developers, programmers, testers and other professionals in the IT industry. The greatest changes took place in 2020-2021, when many employees of large corporations and small companies had to optimize their activities and transfer part of the staff to a remote work format. Companies had to radically change their approach to project development, adjust deadlines and even cut staff. In many cases, this has had negative business consequences.


In an era of innovative changes in the labor and IT industry, there are several solutions that can help businesses optimize costs and maintain high team productivity. This is the so-called outstaffing.

Outstaffing in the Field of Information Technology in Different Countries

If earlier the exchange of innovations in the field of information technology was carried out only by attracting remote employees from different countries, today this area is becoming more globalized. Teams for the development of IT projects, web services, online stores, applications, websites and all kinds of programs use the outstaffing service.


Formally, this service means that qualified specialists are attracted to work on any project, who are not registered with the company’s staff. That is, they are hired for a specific project for a certain amount of remuneration.


Outstaffing in the field of information technology has several advantages:


  • You can use the temporary services of professional developers and other specialists without their expensive hiring on the company’s staff;
  • You can temporarily strengthen the team with specialists, if this is required for any project;
  • No need to spend money on taxes, salaries, bonuses, vacations, sick leave for hired specialists;
  • It is not required to involve an HR specialist to search and select candidates for certain vacancies;
  • There is no need to train employees and provide them with tools or devices for work, as they are usually already prepared and ready to start performing tasks immediately.


Outstaffing services are provided by companies that select performers themselves in accordance with the requirements.


This exchange of innovations is relevant in different countries where the IT industry is rapidly developing. For example, the demand  is increasing for outstaffing in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Eastern Europe and some regions of Asia.

How is Such an Innovation Exchange Useful?

As practice has shown, such an exchange of innovations is useful not only for large, but also for small businesses working in the IT field. Small development teams were able to recruit highly professional developers, web designers, testers, product managers and marketers to implement some complex projects. Previously, this was inaccessible to many, since specialists have a high level of salaries that small groups of startups could not offer.


In addition, the exchange of innovations intensifies competition, as new promising IT markets appear, where experienced and qualified IT specialists work, who previously could not fully prove themselves.


The exchange of innovations in the form of outstaffing and other trends in the field of information technology will continue in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that the business of this industry follow the trends and prove themselves.

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