Indicators on social listening hong kong You Should Know

Indicators on social listening hong kong You Should Know

Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020has beenan era of radical change.In a growing number of cases, the brandswerecognize and cherishare beingcalled uponto play a greaterpart in shaping the worldthat welive in.

In more ways than ever beforeagenciesrequire a better wayto listen.As we demonstrated inourlatest industry report,companies that use social listeningcan help their clients generatemore value, be more aware oftheircustomers, and providebetterwork.Conversely, agencies that choosetogo withoutarelimited to thetraditional heuristics and intuitionalone.

Stillnot convinced?Here’s four reasons why youragencyought to invest in social listeningnow.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Inthe age of hyper-connected technology businesses mustbesensitive to their customers desires, needs,and views.

This is why themost discussed topicfromour digital marketing agency hk report wasinteractionbetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers voice their frustrations thatagenciesare in a position to address, and they’re becomingmorevocal than ever.

Conversation Clustersisan easy-to-use datavisualization toolthat helps youquickly uncover, understandandunderstand the context ofany subject in aglance.

Armed with social listeningdata, agencies can helptheircustomers to establishstronger, more meaningful connectionswith their customers.

Social listeningallows agencies to findthe data that will givethem anadvantage.It may be thesolution toan untapped segment of the population or even a fresh anglefor a product in support ofan innovative pitch.

For one agency this was a creativeresponse to a lockdown craze.By tapping into the overwhelmingappeal of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most powerfulcollaborations ofthisyear.for five weeks, game playerswere ableto trade their turnips –one ofthe game’s most valuable assetsin real food donations(aamount of around $25,000).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.

2.A bettermeasurement

Prior to the advent and growth ofsocial media, a majority of advertisingand communications agencies relied onthe bottom line metrics such as salesto gauge the effectivenessof their campaigns.Although there’s nothingwrong with it,the method can be a bitofa blunt instrument.

The present demandsmore precise methods of modelingandquantify the valuetheyoffertheir clients.Listening carefully to social mediacan give your agency greatercontrolover campaigns for clientsand instant feedback from multipleinteraction points.It allows you to segment stratify, categorize, and prioritizechannels thatoffer themost important information you need.

To begin with, forinstance, you can geta high-level viewon the impact of acampaign hashtag, hashtag,ortalking point withan engagementmetric such aspotential reach.Then, you’ll be able tolook deeper.The ability to zero inon valuable streams of datathat come fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusa variety of otheroffline sources)offers a broadanalysis of how your customers feelabout your brand and how they perceive your.

Being able to identifywho’s speaking up and -as important – whattheyperceive your customers,with a solution such as”sensitivity analysis,” providesa greatinstance of how effective methodsoffeedback through social listeningcan help agencies stay proactive.Our report on industry findings revealeda clear relationship between thepositive feedback for an advertisementcampaign like Nike’s “You Can’tStop Us’ advertisement -and the sentiment of the agencywhich created it, as aninstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticshelp you findconnections between different topics, and giveyou a powerful visual waytorepresent important relationships.

3. Crisis management

Consumers are more vocalthanthey have ever been.And, this voicecan be heard across the globe,inreal time.

As you would expect,crisis management is a keypart of social listening.Companies that spot problems beforetheyarise have an edgeover theircompetitors.Additionally, they will be able todefend their clients better.

A well-designed social listening approachaids organizations in aspectrum of crises management situations.The complaints of defective products can becomereal-time conversations which can help address issues, gather information, andcorrect negative perceptions.The sudden shifts in public opinionare now manageable.Feedback on poorly received content becomesa guide to adjust onor, inthe more serious cases take a different direction.

In the end, it helpsagenciesbecome guardians ofbrands theycollaboratewith. Ithelps keep clients informedof problems they mightnot have noticed, and also provides thefacts needed foran intelligent and well-plannedaction, in a group.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our agency industry report examinedthemarket’s challengesin 2020.In the wake of the pandemic that plunges worldeconomies intouncertainty, agencies are increasinglyseeking new ways to innovateandthrive. Competitive intelligence isjust one ofthe ways. Inessence, social listening hong kong lets yougain insight into the most importantconversationsthat people don’t have aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havetheir own methods and strategiesto be successful.Likeyou, they’vespentboth time and money into developing these strategies.With social listening, agenciescan get involved in conversationsabout the reasons and howdifferent brands are successful:

  • What is the reason for the popularityof aparticularcampaign?

  • How do brands harnessspecific forms of media to getthebiggestimpact?

  • How do you compare yourselfin comparison to other companies?

With an effectivesocial listeningplatform, competitive intelligence can beeasily integrated into your go-tomarketstrategy. Without it your organizationwill be forced to make decisionswithout all the information neededin navigating an ever-changingworld.And ifDarwinhas taught us anything, it’s that only thoseliving things that adaptsurvive.

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