India’s Ability, Trust in Crisis Management, We Will Surely Get Our Growth Back: Modi

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Daily Mail India: Contrary to what many agencies have predicted for a major decline in the economy during the current financial year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday expressed confidence in the country’s capability, crisis management skills, farmers and entrepreneurs, that India will regain its economic growth Will take Modi was addressing the 125th annual conference of the Confederation of Indian Industry here, the country’s premier industry body. He also talked about increasing the pace of reforms and moving towards opening the agriculture sector free from the restrictions of old laws and said that the reformist steps being taken by the government will have long term benefits to the economy. Modi said reinvigorating the economy against Corona is one of the government’s top priorities. The government is taking the decisions that are to be taken immediately, along with it, such decisions have been taken which will help the country in the long run. Referring to self-reliant India, the Prime Minister talked about the reforms in the agricultural sector along with advancing structural reforms. He said that many areas which were closed till now have been opened for private sector. These reforms will help in accelerating the pace of economic growth in the coming times. Addressing the industrialists associated with the conference organized through video conference, the Prime Minister said, “Friends, Corona may have slowed down our movement, but today the biggest truth of the country is that India live news, leaving the lockdown behind, unlocked the first phase. Has entered A large part of the economy has opened up in this phase. A lot is going to open after 8 June. That is, “the beginning of regaining growth has begun.”

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A day earlier, the leading global rating agency Moody’s lowered India’s national rating to one point from ‘BAA2’ to ‘BAA3’. Moody’s has expressed concern about India’s financial situation deteriorating and the economic slowdown prolonging. Modi said, “Today we are able to do all this because when the corona virus was spreading in the world, India took the right steps at the right time, in the right way. Comparing all the countries of the world. Form daily mail india platform he said Today we come to know how widespread the effect of lockdown has been in India. In this lockdown, India not only prepared the physical resources for the fight against Corona, but also saved its human resources. In such a situation, now the question is what next? As the head of the industry, you will definitely have a question that what is the government going to do now? You will also have some questions about the self-reliant India campaign. The Prime Minister said that to bring India back on the path of rapid growth, 5 things are very important to build a self-reliant India. Willingness, inclusive approach, investment, infrastructure and innovation. In the decisions that have been taken recently All these will get a glimpse. With these decisions we have prepared all the areas for the future. For this reason, today India is ready for a big flight on the path of new growth. Referring to reforms, Modi said, “For us, reforms are not sudden steps or decisions around here. For us, reform is a process that is smooth, planned, integrated, consistent and enhanced with future thinking. ”The Prime Minister started his address by saying that in this era of Corona, such online programs are now becoming normal. Used to be. “But this is also the greatest strength of man that he makes a way out of every difficulty. Even today we have to take strict steps to fight this virus on the one hand, while on the other side, the economy has to be taken care of. On the one hand, we have to save the life of the countrymen and on the other hand, the economy of the country should also be enlarged. Addressing CII President Vikram Kirloskar, the Prime Minister said that in this situation you have started the talk of ‘regaining growth’. Certainly, all of you, the people of Indian industry, deserve congratulations for this. He said, “Rather than going back on growth, I will also say that yes, we will definitely regain our growth”. Modi said for his government, reforms means courage to take decisions. , And leading them to their results.

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Be it IBC, merger of banks, GST, there should be a system of estimating income tax without face-to-face, there has always been an effort to reduce the interference of the government in the arrangements. Emphasis has been laid on creating an encouraging business environment for the private sector. This is the reason why the government today is also pushing for such policy reforms which the country had given up hope for. Referring to the agricultural sector, the Prime Minister said that the rules and regulations made after independence in our country, the farmers were left in the hands of middlemen. The rules were very strict as to where the farmer could sell the crop and no where. This government showed the will to remove the injustice done to the farmers for decades. After changes in the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act, now farmers will also get their rights. Farmers can now sell their crop to whomever they want and whenever they want. Now a farmer can take his crop to any state of the country and sell it. Also, food grains or agricultural products stored in warehouses can now be sold through electronic trading. Similarly, keeping in mind the welfare of our workers, labor reforms are also being taken forward to increase employment opportunities. The Prime Minister said that in many non-strategic areas, there were areas where the private sector was not allowed, these are also being opened. The work of freeing the coal sector has been started. Commercial mining has been allowed in the coal sector. Demand for articulating in the micro, small and medium (MSME) sector, which plays a key role in the country’s GDP, employment and exports, has been a long-standing demand. With this, global tenders will not be released in government contracts up to Rs 200 crore. The Prime Minister further clarified self-reliant India and said that it will remain fully connected with and supportive of the world economy, but self-reliant India does not mean that in areas of strategic importance it will depend on someone else. “This will be to build a strong industry in India. Industries that can become the world’s strength. Industries that create employment. Empower our people so that they create solutions that can determine the future of India. “We now have to invest in building a strong local supply chain that strengthens India’s stake in the global supply chain,” Modi said, adding that CIIJ giants will also have to come forward in a new role in this campaign.

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