How to protect your second-hand furniture from harsh weather

While you can’t foresee when the extreme climate will strike, you can prepare for it.

Regardless of whether you’re new to homeownership or need to ensure your furniture is well maintained, add these seven tips to your plan for the day for harsh climate protection. Following them now will save you a great deal of time, energy, and cash not too far off.

1. Cover it:

Invest in furniture covers that are available in different sizes and types to protect outdoor tables and seats, thus, drawing out their life expectancy.

These are made of polyester, vinyl, or material and are generally waterproof and UV-safe. Pick an item that offers total insulation from the wind, sun, and heavy rain.

2. Repair it:                 

The most effective way to give your second hand furniture a makeover and furthermore protect it is to paint it. While there are chances of the furniture losing its unique sheen, the paint will keep the pieces looking new.

Latex paint offers different degrees of protection and is the most widely utilized for covering open-air furniture. Aside from offering flexibility and strength, the latex seals the wood strands and ensures water insulation.

3. Fix it:                      

Climate can be unpredictable sometimes. It is wiser to prepare ahead of time and keep your outside wooden furniture safe.

Applying a water sealant to the furniture will cover the wood and give the furniture sufficient protection against heavy rain.

This provides protection against dampness outside as well as helps to evaporate the moisture out of the wood quicker. Indeed, even wood paint and water-repellent protect wooden furnishings and assist with preserving its tone.

4. Protect it from the sun:

Change the location of the furniture as per weather conditions. For example, assuming unforgiving sunbeams are falling straight on the wooden items, move them to where there is abundant shade.

5. Clean it:

Most open-air furniture will benefit from a gentle cleaning and wash at the beginning and end of each season. Many items likewise perform best with a yearly sanding and a fresh layer of polish to prevent drying or breaking.


Fluctuation of temperature can cause the wood to break. Assist in the prevention of further damage by cleaning with an oil-based cleanser, delicate brush, and wash off once done.

6. Keep it perfect and clean:

Regardless of whether you cover your open-air furniture with a piece of material or plastic canvas, it is still possible to accumulate soil and residue because of the changing climate conditions.

Thus, it is ideal to clean your furniture regularly by utilizing a gentle oil-based dish cleanser blended with warm water and a wipe down to eliminate grime and leftover stains.

Allow it to dry totally prior to putting furniture covers back on it.

The Bottom Line

Keeping up with your porch furniture consistently as per the above directions will keep it perfect and in great condition. In fact, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the maintenance and care for your outdoor furniture.

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