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How To Make Home Environment Harmonious and Safe ?

We all have witnessed a drastic change in lifestyle patterns instead of moving freely outside, going for a party even at odd hours, and leading a carefree life. Now, we all are forced to live indoors, cancel all the gatherings, and step out only when necessary. Staying indoors in a confined space for long can lead to boredom, anxiety taking up the mind, and the more severe, it could lead to depression. Physical and mental changes can happen.

It becomes important for families with children and elderly people to create a home environment that is homely, safe, and nurturing. The Chinese Proverb says, “misfortunes may be a blessing in disguise.” This misfortune can be a blessing in disguise if you maintain a positive atmosphere in your home.

By following the tips below, families can turn the COVID-19 period into an opportunity to bring family members closer and to make their home a happy and healthy place to live in

  1. Keep Your Home Clean: This has always been a homemaker guideline: keep the home neat and clean. Given the pandemic, stricter clean rituals are advised to follow, especially if you have vulnerable individuals at home (kids and grandparents). Disinfect your home using disinfectants, clean the knobs, switches, and door handles. Change the bed sheets regularly. Sanitize your home. Moreover, keep yourself and your family members clean by asking them to take a bath regularly and wash hands frequently.
  1. Bring Plants Indoors: Plants indoors have shown efficacy in keeping the atmosphere clean. Air-purifying ones like peace lily, spider, Syngonium, and jade clean the air of toxins and maintain the ideal humid levels. Then, you can have medicinal plants like tulsi, aloe vera, and curry plant as their consumption and application has many health benefits. Tulsi plant can be used to make a concoction to fight viruses and infections of COVID-19. Others like bamboo plant online, money plant, rose plant, hibiscus plant, ferns etc., can be used for decorating the home with nature, freshness, and fragrance.
  1. Cross-Ventilation: For fighting the pandemic, the holistic solution is to stay indoors. However, many people have misunderstood the concept and have trapped themselves in cramped areas, which could be hazardous to health. Ventilation is necessary. It is more after you have disinfected the home. Allow for fresh air to flow through your home. Keep your windows and doors open for ventilation purposes. In the evening, spend time out on the terraces and patios.
  1. Establish a communal routine: Establish a communal routine where all the members of the family will be involved in some activity. It could be a game where all of you can play, watch some family show together, listen to music and dance. The idea is to bring all the family members together under one roof and divert their attention from negativity. Such playful activities will restore faith that there are still good things to look forward to in times of chaos.
  1. Support Your Child: Your kids at home have been affected the worse by this pandemic. Physically and mentally, they are unable to understand the drastic changes that have been forced on them. They are not used to staying indoors, not meeting their friends and studying online. Everything is new for them. Support them as much as you can. Help them in their online studies, engage them in interesting activities, develop and hone their skills. Most importantly, support them mentally. Pay more attention to them than before on all the aspects.
  1. Maintain Peace and Harmony: When you live together for continuous days and are already stressed with the ongoing situation, it is common to get hyper and tense. You may shout at your child or have an argument with your spouse. This can further add to the tensions. Try to control your temper and voice. Practice meditation and breathing exercises to tranquillize your mind. Stay away from negativity and strive for a peaceful and harmonious environment at home.

Life has changed a lot, for the worse. It has affected human beings on several levels, health, finance, and emotion. But in these hard times, you have to look towards the better side of life and keep going. With a happy and healthy family, you can overcome the dark days. So, keep them close to you in the best of shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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