How to make a successful online purchase

Shopping for fashion online is a real revolution. This avoids having to go to the store to find the latest fashion novelties. A whole selection of clothes, shoes and accessories are revealed to you with just a few clicks.

But, what could be more annoying than ordering a fashion piece on an e-shop and noticing upon receipt that it does not correspond at all to what was put forward on the site?

The problem, with online fashion stores is that each brand is different and many merchant sites retouch the clothes worn by the models to adapt them perfectly to their morphologies. Knowing your size is not always enough.

So to avoid disappointment, here are my tips on how to make a successful online purchase :

  • Choose a reliable merchant site

Going to a platform already known as 6th street offers the assurance of successful shopping. Whether it’s buying a few pieces or updating your wardrobe as a whole, this store is the right destination. Checking the reliability of a merchant site avoids unpleasant surprises such as an undelivered order, for example. To recognize a serious online store, check the useful links such as the legal notices. It must also clearly display its general conditions of sale. A reliable merchant site also knows how to reassure consumers about securing payments.

6th street is an online store offering a large selection of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from the world’s best fashion brands such as Crocs, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Skechers, Aldo and many more!

  • Choose a platform that accepts free returns

Nothing worse than finding yourself in front of an outfit that is not adapted to your morphology. This is the case with a dress that is too tight or pants that are not the right size. Certainly, most online fashion stores offer size guides. However, we do not always know its morphology. This can also change over time, especially when you alternate losing and gaining weight. The error is human. It is therefore advisable to favor a shop that accepts the free return of an item that is not suitable. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a dressing room full of pieces incompatible with its morphology.

A good thing about 6th street store is that returns and delivery across the UAE are completely free, on all kind of orders without a minimum spend like other stores. This will save you a lot of money and will allow you to try on as many clothes as you want and return them for free if you don’t like them or if they don’t feet.

Buy the same piece in several sizes. Yes I mean it ! That way, if you hesitate between a 40 and a 42, by trying them on you will know which suits you best and return the other item.

  • Know your fashion tastes

Opinions differ when it comes to women’s wardrobe essentials. Some can’t do without dresses with printed patterns and lace pieces. Others are more in love with the casual look with t-shirts, classic jeans and sneakers. Fans of the working-girl look prefer the turtleneck sweater, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts. Sleeveless outfits are the prerogative of lovers of the preppy chic style. In short, each woman has her own style. In order not to buy online on a whim, it is then necessary to clearly identify your tastes. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when shopping online can also help.

  • Stick to the classics

Outfits with classic cuts are easy to alter in case of a rush. An item with a complicated style is difficult to style. This is why in case of doubt about the size, we stay in the classic.

You’ll find unlimited classic items on 6th street store. Make sure to pick some.

for example for sunglasses, pick a classic. Stick to frames that you are familiar with and that are suitable for your face shape. If you have a round face, forget about the round frames, round glasses are more for oval faces.

  • The worn garment video trick

This is a real revolution with shopping on the internet. Some online stores offer a video of the item, this allows you to have an idea of ​​the effect that the material will have on you. Taking the time to watch this type of video is to realize every detail of the outfit. Does a lace dress fall better than in the picture when worn? How far can a neckline go?  Before making a purchase, take the time to click on these videos. This will take only few minutes.

  • Read the size chart

Most sites indicate the exact measurements of the clothes and also of the model wearing the piece.

By reading all this information you will avoid disappointments and do not end up with pants that are too short or a sweater that is too tight.

  • Affordable fashion accessories

Successful online shopping does not necessarily mean spending a fortune. This is especially true for accessories. These items that serve to sublimate the look of a woman are widespread on the internet. Hats, scarves, earrings, bags… there is something for everyone. You just have to find the right address to make a good deal. All fashion e-stores are not created equal. Some are more generous when it comes to pricing than others. Be careful, the choice of certain accessories for women can be difficult. Buying shoes, for example, requires knowing certain details such as size.

  • Choose items that are adjustable

A knit top will be less complicated to wear than a woven top. And a dress with adjustable straps adapts more easily to the silhouettes than models with fixed straps.

  • Use discount codes

By using a promo code, you will save money on every purchase ! For example for 6th street store, use 6th street discount code that you can find on website and enjoy your shopping experience.

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