How to Find a property for sale in Dubai?

Real estate agent or real estate portal? Properties for Sale in Dubai ? Private contacts? How do you actually find good and profitable real estate? In the step of the property search, the next questions come to you as a buyer

Real estate portals: filters, search criteria and alarm

The easiest source for Properties for Sale in Dubai research are real estate portals. From the PC at work, with the notebook or tablet at home or via browser and app on the smartphone when you are on the move.

With real estate portals such as ImmobilienScout24 , Immonet , Immowelt and other portals, you can find real estate in your city on the one hand, and you can use filters on the other, for example to adapt the real estate results to your individual criteria (step 1 when buying a home).

You can also set up an alarm so that you will be informed immediately via email about new offers that match your search criteria. You can contact the seller side, mostly brokers , immediately

Classified Ads and Newspapers: Real Estate Bargains?

In addition to the real estate portals, there are also other providers with whom you can find Properties for Sale in Dubai: classified ads. At times, but also on websites, you can sometimes find extra classified ads for apartments, houses and land.

The best-known classifieds portal on the Internet is certainly eBay. You will also find advertisements from private sellers more frequently on Ebay classifieds . This of course saves brokerage fees.

Buying from private to private? This also applies to daily newspapers or the typical parish gazette that is available in every city, in every municipality and in all villages.

Buying from private to private can also involve risks; if one side has more knowledge than the other, this quickly has a negative impact on the purchase price

Real estate agent: avoid risk when making your first purchase

A real estate agent can also help with the Properties for Sale in Dubai search. Its experience from tens of buyers protects against mistakes that can be made with the first purchase . But it also shortens the time of real estate research enormously.

In addition, with real estate agents you can also get real estate that you cannot find in real estate portals.

Another tip for private buyers: In private purchases, the commission is shared between the buyer and seller.

Evaluate condominium: purchase price?

The valuation of a property also differs depending on the location, type of property ( apartment type , house type ). Again many questions for buyers! After all, how should you rate a property without previous experience?

  • How can I determine the value of my apartment?
  • How do you calculate the selling price of an apartment?
  • What does an apartment appraisal cost?
  • How do I rate my apartment for free?

Apartment valuation at a glance: quick returns

Your focus in the assessment is on the commercial and technical examination.

A first, quick check takes place when you look at the synopsis , ad or advertisement, almost directly in the real estate portal.

What is a good return?

At the current level of interest rates, a rental yield of 5%, 6% is good – to put it simply.

The rental yield shows what profit (return) you as a landlord get from the income from a Properties for Sale in Dubai. You calculate the gross rental yield, as shown in the formula above, from the rental income of a year, in relative terms, to the total costs of your property.

You will not find such returns in the A locations. That is why you will also focus on B, B + locations as an investor.

Properties for personal use can sometimes also be located in a location. These are properties that are no longer referred to as investment properties, but rather as investment properties. So you don’t want direct cash flow (rental income), you are speculating that property prices will rise in the future.

Immediate, monthly rental yield, or speculation in the future? We recommend the investment property! Because with speculation (value), as the landlord, you pay monthly on top of it, with poor returns, until the point in time at which the speculation arrives.

Commercial valuation: tenants and numbers

The more precise the valuation, the cheaper the calculation will be for you and the more advantages you will have in the subsequent purchase price negotiations with the home seller.

You will learn the exact steps later in a checklist. Here is a little insight into the questions you will ask in the business exam:

  • Are there any special features in the real estate companies in Dubai ?
  • Has a deposit been agreed?
  • Can operating costs be passed on to tenants?
  • Are there any arrears in rent from the current tenant?

Purchase process, notary, land register, key handover?

At this point you have achieved a lot, your objectives, the criteria for the property search, the financing phase with the bank in advance and you have now also found a good property to buy thanks to the quick evaluation, the commercial and technical examination.

Now it’s about the purchase contract , notary and ancillary purchase costs .

Appreciation, increase for rental / sale

Hold and rent property or upgrade and sell? With the right knowledge, contacts and skills, a condominium can be renovated in 30 to 60 days and sold on for a profit.

Earning money with real estate companies in Dubai doesn’t stop with renting, of course; many buy properties in need of renovation, value them and sell them on immediately.

Many are put off by apartments that still have a lot to be done. Why actually? Because, only a few are ready to go into the effort.

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