How to Draw A Cartoon Monster

How to Draw A Cartoon Monster. Many people love the feeling of being scared, and stories involving all sorts of spectral things have remained popular since we started storytelling.

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Many terrifying creatures populate these horror stories, and now you can create one while learning to draw a cartoon monster!

This guide will show you how to create a fun and imaginative interpretation of a monster without getting bogged down by detail and proportion.

How to Draw A Cartoon Monster

Step 1

This is a really interesting design we will create in this guide, and we will start with our heads and horns in this first step of designing your cartoon monster.

The head is what we’re going to start with and can be started with a simple curved line. This is then peaked at the top of the head to create a tuft of hair.

So we draw big curved horns on the sides of the head. These are tall and thick, extending from some curved bases.

Finally, add small round ears under the horns and draw storylines.

Step 2

We will add a lot on how to draw a cartoon monster in this second phase of our guide! This step starts with a single large eye.

This will be a rounded shape you can draw freehand, as it doesn’t need to be a perfect circle. 

The curved line above will also represent a tuft of spiky hair above for an eyebrow style.

Finally, we will add thick arms, short and rounded at the sides. Each of these will have some fur detailing with great claws on the ends.

Finish off with another curved line for the cheek, and then we can move on.

Step 3

This monster is meeting now! In this step, we will draw the mouth and chest. This will be a curved line under the eye starting from his mouth.

It will often have a lip that you can draw with a curved line, and there will also be a great chin below. We will then finish off this mouth by adding some large and pointy teeth to the mouth.

The chest and back are then designed using simple curved lines with equally simple details.

Step 4

In this fourth passage of the guide, you can add your legs to your cartoon monster’s design.

We will lay out the legs with fairly simple curved lines, and several smaller spikes will sprout from the sides.

The feet will be flat with some rounded fingers.

You will notice that the foot on the right has a small space, and the reason for this will become clear in the next step, where we will be adding the final details!

Step 5

In this part of our guide on drawing a cartoon monster, we will add some details and final details to prepare for the last step.

Draw A Cartoon Monster

This is a passage where you can add some extra details and ideas! Firstly, we’re going to give a tail to this awesome monster.

This is done with some curved lines and curling inwards as well. The ending of the buttocks will have a tuft of hair covering the remaining space in the previous pass.

Finally, draw triangular tips on the tail to finish it off! Now it’s time to add more details that monsters might like.

Drawing a background setting for him would be very fun. What funny attitudes come to mind for this boy?

Step 6

It’s time to end this monster with a little paint! As this is an imaginary design, you can use any color you can think of for him.

Cartoon Monster Drawing

In our reference image, we’ve opted for a combination of mostly red colors to give it a warm look. We altered the colors’ nuances and intensity to give them depth and consistency.

This is our take on this monster, but as we said, you could choose any color you prefer!

There are also many different tools and artistic devices for you to play with. Therefore, there is plenty of space to show your creativity.

Your Cartoon Monster Drawing is Finished!

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