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How to do Reddit marketing for your business in 2021

Are you one of those people who underestimate the full potential of Reddit? Then, you are in for a complete surprise. If you are familiar with other social media platforms, you may have a slight idea of Reddit’s potential. But, for Reddit marketing, it won’t help you that much, and that’s why we are here at your rescue.


People may neglect this social network due to its messy appearance, but since 2005, this platform is still running in the market. So, there must be some useful features to it, right? Let’s find out.

What Is Reddit?

The most attractive feature of Reddit is its one-size-fits-all platform. So, if you haven’t tried Reddit marketing yet, you are maybe navigating on a lot harder platform. Reddit is one part news website and one part web forum. Reddit users post original content here in the form of photos, videos, or links. Then people either downvote it or upvote it based on its relevance.


So, the more upvotes a content gets, the more buzzworthy it becomes. The main reason why people use Reddit marketing is that they get to learn something new always. You can also get in touch with like-minded people here too. And, there are subreddit communities to help you get in touch with people quickly.

Why Should You Consider Reddit Marketing?

Being one of the most underutilized social media platforms, we have come up with an excellent list for you to consider Reddit marketing more effectively this year.

  1. Reddit will ensure constant traffic on your content because more than 52 million active daily users are here.
  2. It is not as popular as other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. So, if you consider Reddit marketing, you will likely face a lot less competition here.
  3. The best part of Reddit is its vast number of communities. Some of these subreddit communities have also got their explicit rules of advertising. So, if you do Reddit marketing, it will ensure you a specific ROI because of its strict approach.
  4. You can engage with many customers here because Reddit is one of the best social media networks to engage with like-minded people.
  5. There are 65% of Reddit users who are below the age of 30. So, if you want to get in touch with many young adult customers, Reddit marketing should be your option.

How Does Reddit Work? Let’s Know Some Basic Features

If you want to know how Reddit marketing works, you must know a few simple facts about Reddit functionality. When you open an account on Reddit, you’ll register with a unique username. But, more than often, people ask me how to change Reddit username. So, here are the steps for you.

  • Click on your avatar in the upper left corner.
  • You will see the Change Username option in blue there.
  • Click on that.
  • Type the new username that you want to use.
  • Click the following button in the upper right corner.
  • Press the Save Username Option.

If you want to know how to delete Reddit account, there are also a few steps to follow here.

  • Click on the user icon, and select the user settings option after logging into your account.
  • Scroll down at the end, and click on the Deactivate Account option.
  • Now, enter your login details once again, and click on the deactivate option.
  • Tick the checkbox that warns you that your account won’t be recovered once it is deleted.

How Does Reddit Marketing Work?

If you want to know how Reddit marketing works, you can follow a few tips for that. The tips are;

  1. Stop boasting about your product. Reddit marketing works the best when you become a part of a community. So, start a conversation that will make you a part of a community. Always present yourself as a humble individual to stay interested in knowing about you and your products.
  2. Try to provide helpful information about a product. Try to find out your target audience and figure what they struggle with.
  3. Improve your sense of humour. Try to make people laugh because that will get you many upvotes. In addition, it will promote your brand to your target audience in a better manner and help the audience have an emotional attachment with your brand.
  4. Try as much as possible to engage with your audience. Don’t leave any comments unanswered. You can also ask follow-up questions to show that you care.
  5. If you are already marketing your products on other social media platforms, post those screenshots on your Reddit account. It will make Reddit marketing even more effective because that will boost up viewers’ interests.
  6. Sometimes you can also quote a comment. If you want to know how to quote on Reddit, just copy the part of the comment, paste the quotation icon, close the quote back, and add the response text.
  7. Crossposting is another effective way of Reddit marketing. If you want to know how to crosspost on Reddit, click the crosspost option below the original post, edit the title, complete the captcha, and click the submit button.

Does Reddit Marketing Cost You Money?

If you are a beginner at Reddit marketing, you won’t need any money. But, if you want to access some of its advanced features, you need to purchase Reddit Premium or Reddit Gold. With this feature, you can access ad-free browsing, access to subreddit members only, or premium badge, etc.


You can also get a coin allowance to award the post you like the most with gold, silver, or platinum icons. Unlike other popular social media channels, Reddit is not so much driven by advertisements. Reddit Premium costs only $5.99/month, and Reddit Gold expenses between $1.99 and $99.99 for 500-40,000 coins.

The Bottom Line

Reddit marketing is becoming more and more popular again because marketers are using it for lesser competition. So, as long as it is not becoming a marketer favourite, you can get the most of this social media for your brand promotion. Most of its features will be accessible to you even when you don’t pay any money. So, get on board with Reddit, and start marketing your products here today.


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