How to choose your electric barbecue?

The traditional barbecue is generally the most used during moments of feasting. Admittedly, it allows you to taste delicious pieces of meat, but it produces too much smoke, which can be a real source of discomfort. However, there is another way to organize a barbecue party at home without smothering the neighborhood with coal or smoke. This is the electric barbecue. You connect it to a source of electricity and then cook your pieces of meat. However, before buying your electric barbecue, it is advisable to consider certain criteria. How to choose your electric barbecue? We answer it in this article.

The criteria for choosing an electric barbecue

The electric barbecue is certainly the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a good barbecue party. However, you may be disappointed if you use an unsuitable electric barbecue. To avoid unpleasant surprises, take into account some essential criteria when buying.

The power of the device

This is one of the most important criteria for deciding. The power of the electrical appliance plays a very crucial role in its ability to cook food efficiently and quickly and to raise the temperature very quickly. Electric barbecues are designed in different models with different powers. Devices with a power of less than 1500 watts are not highly recommended. This low power can lead to interminable cooking waits. For an adequate choice of power, a minimum of 2000 watts is required. The more powerful the electric barbecue, the faster and more satisfying results you will have. With a device with considerable power, you can delight your guests in a short time.

It would also be an advantage to favor an electric barbecue equipped with a thermostat. This equipment makes it possible to precisely control the ideal temperature for each food. Whether it’s vegetables, red meats, sausages, etc., you’ll have no difficulty cooking them, since you can adjust the power according to the food. So make your life easier by opting for a better electric barbecue. On Fyre Grill, better electric barbecues are offered with adequate powers and many other favorable options.

The cooking surface of the appliance

The devices are also available in different sizes. This is distinguished by the cooking surface of the appliance on which the food to be grilled is placed. Electric barbecues are mostly rectangular in shape. Nevertheless, there are some in the shape of a circle. So pay attention to the shapes and choose a fairly large size machine. Otherwise, you will be forced to make several rounds before satisfying the taste buds of your guests.

Indeed, to choose a suitable size barbecue, you must first be reassured of the number of people to serve. For example, if it is a family of less than 6 people, a better electric barbecue with a size of 700 cm² may be suitable. On the other hand, for a family consisting of 6-10 people, a machine with a size measuring 1000 cm² will be needed. As for the large format barbecue, it is more recommended when you have more than 10 people. The main thing is to have a better electric barbecue with a wide grill. This asset will help you save more time.

Device maintenance

It’s always nice to be able to easily maintain your electric machine. This criterion must therefore be checked when choosing the barbecue. A better electric barbecue that is very easy to maintain, you don’t have to worry after a long evening of grilling in a group. To have an electric barbecue that meets this criterion, the ideal is to turn to the removable model which allows you to put each accessory in the dishwasher without difficulty. These include the cooking plate or the grid, and also the grease collection tray which must necessarily be removable for easy cleaning. In reality, the juice collector must be cleaned after each use. If it is removable, maintenance will be easier.

Reasons to choose an electric barbecue

The use of an electric barbecue offers several advantages.

Use anytime and anywhere

The electric barbecue is very practical and its installation requires no effort, regardless of the space provided for it. Inside, you can place it on the kitchen worktop or in the middle of the dining table, and start cooking your meats, fish, sausages, etc. In addition, debris or charcoal smoke will not be a problem to deal with, as is the case with the traditional barbecue. The machine will only give off the smell of cooking food. It is also possible to avoid the smell by using a better electric grill with a lid.

Quick cooking

The electric barbecue is very practical and faster than the traditional charcoal barbecue. Just plug in the device to preheat it, it usually lasts a quarter of an hour at most. Then comes the cooking stage, which is done in a very short time, especially if the size of the appliance is large enough. Once the grills are ready, you disassemble your barbecue and clean the removable accessories. The electric barbecue is a real time saver.

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