How to Choose the Perfect Toy Packaging Box for your Product?

Whenever we hear the word toys the first thing that comes into our mind is children. Toys offer fun and entertainment for the kids and it is hard to ignore such products. Packaging of the toys has to be as creative as the toy itself. You will be surprised to know that around $88 billion is invested in the toy industry. There are a lot of new brands joining this industry so each one of them has to work hard. It is the product packaging that can make a difference to the overall sales of the product. If the packaging is good it will make the toy admirable when it is placed on the shelf. Here is how to choose the perfect packaging box for your product:

Pick the right packaging material

When you are choosing the right toy packaging it is important to choose a good material. There are different materials like cardboard and Kraft that are used to pack a variety of toys. Corrugated material is also a good choice when it comes to packing big-sized toys. However, cardboard remains to be a perfect material for storing and displaying toys. It is sturdy and durable that is suitable for both delicate and fragile toys.

Many toys include kid’s cars, tricycles, and large dollhouses that can be shipped with ease. A cardboard box will keep the toys safe from all the harsh elements and intense weather conditions. When children have an access to quality toys the sales of your brand will also increase. Kraft boxes are also a suitable choice for storing different types of toys. When a window cut is attached it looks visually appealing.

Customization is a good way of promotion

Whenever brands want to create attractive packaging customization is a popular solution. It is easy to create the perfect custom toy box according to the specification of the toys. When you showcase your embossed logo at the top of the box it will make your brand recognized among customers. These boxes can be designed with various color schemes and designs that are attractive for your targeted customers. For the printing patterns, there are a lot of imaginative and printing skills that you can use. It is also important to print necessary information about toys for the kids. They should know how to use a certain toy and feel at ease during their playing session. Nowadays most of the toys are actual characters of movies or cartoons. It is easy to print some exciting photos for toy packaging that is alluring for kids of all ages.

Interesting facts

While designing the perfect custom toy boxes brands have to keep the age of the child in mind. When they are designing the box for older children they have the liberty and flexibility. For children below three, they have to be more cautious as using plastic bags can be a cause of suffocation. If the child is above the age of three they can use plastics but they have to be eco-friendly. Hard plastic clamshells are very popular among toy brands as they enhance the visual appealing of packaging.

They are not only affordable but offer a lot of security for packaging purposes. Most brands like to use those packaging designs that are easy and affordable. Customized boxes are also good for branding purposes. Cute little kids will always get attracted to vibrant color schemes and this is how you can impress them. You need to boost the appeal of custom printed toy boxes so it can attract both parents and children.

Make the packaging functional

The role of toy packaging is to secure the real quality of the toy and prevent it from damaging. It should also be easy to open and close the packaging as kids cannot deal with difficult packaging items. Make sure that the box doesn’t have any sharp edges that can harm the little ones during their playtime. You can print some exciting photos on the top of the box that is alluring for them.

When it comes to the shape of the box it should be rectangular or square so it can easily hold the toys inside. Brands should also keep in mind the reusability of the box. It is one of the reasons why parents will like to purchase such Packaging Boxes. Once the toys are consumed it is also easy to store them inside. Digital and offset printing can be used to print product information on the packaging. It will also enhance sales and attract plenty of customers.

Packaging should become a part of the toy experience

Many toy brands are using custom printed toy boxes for branding purposes. These boxes will become their advertising tool and showcase their products professionally among customers. There are plenty of toys that include action figures, puzzles, DIY cars, and animals. It builds the toys as a part of the packaging itself. Dolls are loved by the little girls while most of the action figures are popular among boys. They will be happy to receive such beautiful gifts from their parents on their birthday.

Parents must renew the collection of toys for their kids. When you include windows into the custom toy box it gives a clear view of the toys from the outside. It can be added either at the top or at the side of the box that makes toys even more transparent. As the customers will have an idea of what is inside the box they will not think twice before the purchase.

Which materials are used to manufacture toy boxes?

Toys are delicate so good packaging must be chosen to pack them. The toy boxes that are made of cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials will be a durable choice. These materials can withstand pressure and protect the toys from damage.

How can you customize toy packaging?

Customized packaging has become a popular choice among all brands. It is easy to customize the toy box according to the demands of your targeted customers. You can decorate it with a glossy shine that gives a smooth surface. The printing is done with clear ink that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can also enhance the shelf life of the toys by displaying them innovatively.

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