How to choose the perfect dress & accessories for your graduation

The day of the prom is the most anticipated and one of the greatest illusions that we have since we were in our tenth year. You want to get to eleventh grade in the blink of an eye just waiting for the day of the dance. Many details go through our minds but the main one for women is only one: THE DRESS.

If you have to graduate shortly or do it next year, you may be thinking of a nice dress to look appropriate but how to choose the best of all? There are a series of guidelines or steps to guide us that will lead you to choose the perfect graduation dresses , as we explain below.

Prom dresses

The prom dresses are varied in designs and colors that can refer, and although no longer gowns , sometimes we do not know exactly which model is right when choosing one.

Regardless of your own taste, if you want to get your prom dress right, you can be guided by a series of guidelines that allow you to choose the perfect model for you. Let’s see what steps to follow.

Women always want to be the best dressed, be the trend in fashion, be unique, capture everyone’s attention and gaze and wear the best footwear and accessories. The photos must be impeccable and always stand out. In short, the idea is to be the main attraction of the party.

Some recommendations or Tips to go looking for your prom dress are the following:

  1.   Visit the main Boutiques in the country in advance, you will find what is really in trend for the current year. Dress designs are many; from tight to the body, 2 pieces or crop tops, to the A line that is very flattering.
  2.   It is indisputable that you have to try on the dresses to realize what style you look and best suit your figure. We must remember that what we see in catalog photos may not look good on our figure, so trying on dresses is necessary to make a decision regarding the design of the dress and our body.
  3.   Be very careful with the colors you choose. If you have a white complexion, strong colors such as black, red, gray or lead, dark blue, royal blue or royal blue, emerald green, purple, fuchsia and burgundy or burgundy are ideal for your skin. If you are a brunette you have more options to choose from. Pastel colors will make your skin stand out and stronger colors like red, white, gold, rose gold, silver and yellow will also be very appropriate to look radiant.
  4.   When you find your ideal dress, you should look for the right footwear for that dress. Which one to use? The Sandal, the Peep Toe, or closed shoe? In case the dress has an opening in the leg, the sandal or the Peep Toe is recommended. Both of them slim the leg and make the person appear taller. The platforms are very fashionable and the short ones help us a lot to look more stylized and do not tire.
  5.   Accessories such as earrings and bracelets are also an important complement. If your dress is strapless or spaghetti strap, you can use long shiny earrings. If the dress is a halter neck, small and medium earrings are recommended.

We hope thee recommendations are very useful when looking for the dream dress and you can look just as you dreamed it ..

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