How to Choose Kettle Simple Strokes?

Parents tell their children to drink more boiled water, because it is good for their health. Today I will show you how to draw a water bottle with simple strokes Amazon Discount Code NHS.


  • Pencils, watercolor brushes, paper


  1. Take out a piece of A4 paper and draw a circle
  2. Draw an arc segment over a circle
  3. Draw the handle of the kettle on the top of the lid
  4. Then outline the whole pot with a pencil
  5. Then take out the blue crayon and paint the depth of the lake in dark blue
  6. Finally, use colored pens and markers to paint the lid of the pot yellow, and the whole can be polished


  • The jug can draw the shade of gray below

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Here is a brief introduction to how to draw a kettle.

  1. Draw the upper outline of the kettle. Acupuncture
  2. Drawing the package code of the pot body.
  3. Draw the bottom of the pot.
  4. Drawing the spout.
  5. Draw the handle of the jug.
  6. Draw the flowers next to the jug.
  7. Color the picture.

Comparison of the appearance and shape of the water filter kettle

Different water purification pots have different appearances and shapes, and the degree of popularity is naturally different.

Some are cute, and naturally more people buy them, and some are not good-looking, so no one cares about them. On the premise of considering certain functions in the shape design, it is still necessary to consider people’s aesthetic experience!

Filter jugs of different brands

Before the comparison, from the general point of view of the appearance, the appearance and structure of the water purification kettle are roughly similar. Nothing can be seen at this point, continue to observe and compare.

From the perspective of people’s feelings: the oval-shaped appearance of the water purification pot has a bloated feeling;

While the flat design of the water purification pot makes people feel small, the appearance of the water purification pot has a more design sense, and the streamline design of the kettle body is more A sense of agility.

In terms of the convenience of pouring water, in order to avoid consumers needing to pour water for a long time when using the clean water bottle, the volume of the pot body is also important. The volume of 2.7L is small and troublesome. The volume is 3.4L, which can hold more water and is more convenient.

From the scale on the kettle body, it is easy to see how much water you drink every day, and it is reported that the average daily water consumption of normal people is 2000-2500 ml.

The oxidation of substances in the body can produce 300ml of water, so 2200 ml of water should be added every day milliliters, including water content in the diet. In summer, the daily water supplement is about 3000 ml to meet the needs of the human body. This scale design is very intimate!

For special cases, such as testing the grip feeling of the handle when it is filled with water. The most comfortable one is the curved one with grip marks. The ergonomic grip is comfortable and makes pouring easier. Secondly, it has a curved handle, but it is relatively slender and not so comfortable.

As for the clean water bottle, you should choose a caring, aesthetic and comfortable one Amazon Discount Code NHS.

This will make you feel better and more convenient for yourself and others. 

The picture comes from the Internet, the text is original

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Today I will teach you how to draw a red kettle with simple strokes

  • picture book
  • black water-based pen
  • First draw the lid of the kettle
  • Then draw the front half of the bottle
  • Draw the protective ring of the kettle
  • Drawing the main part of the kettle
  • Draw the base of the kettle
  • Drawing the handle of the kettle
  • Coloring the kettle
  • Draw the color of the kettle
  • draw a kettle

How to choose an outdoor sports bottle, the main points of choosing a sports bottle

Outdoor Sports Forum People who have experience in outdoor activities probably have a deep impression of the dependence of outdoor sports on water Amazon Discount Code NHS.

Sufficient water is the most basic condition to ensure the quality of outdoor life and physical health. Simply relying on mountains to eat mountains and relying on water to drink water cannot satisfy your thirst at any time, but will consume more energy and bring health risks.

Therefore, how to obtain, transport, store and rationally distribute limited drinking water is an important chapter in any book on outdoor living. Because in many cases, whether there is water to drink is the key to the success or failure of an activity. uk dental software

Choose sports bottle 

  1. The main points of purchasing a sports bottle can be summed up in twelve words: sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, convenient and safe.
  2. The key to “sturdy and durable” is the material and wall thickness of the pot body
  3. The material of the sports bottle is pure aluminum. As a big country of aluminum products, China has a complete range of products. In terms of material selection, each manufacturer is different. Many domestic water bottle brands use pure aluminum with a purity of 99.5%, but the actual situation is not the case. Even most manufacturers use recycled aluminum.
  4. Another factor is the wall thickness of the kettle. The wall thickness of a general sports bottle is 0.7mm. Since it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the wall thickness of sports bottles.
  5. Some manufacturers will opportunistically reduce the wall thickness of the water bottle to save materials in order to reduce costs, and some manufacturers even reduce the wall thickness to 0.5mm.
  6. An intuitive feeling for judging the thickness of the kettle wall is that if you compare it in your hand, the weight of the kettle with the thinner wall thickness will be lighter. eBay Discount Code NHS 
  7. ​If the aluminum used for the sports water bottle is not high in purity, or the wall thickness is cut corners, it is easy to be dented, broken or even burst due to collision or drop during use. Generally, the higher the purity of the aluminum material selected for sports water bottles.
  8. The higher the thickness of the wall, the better the strength and toughness of the water bottle, and the stronger the ability to resist collisions and impacts. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the cost and price.

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