How to Build Your Ten Thousand Butts For Profits

It seems that all of the top ten thousand blogs are using toto sites to promote their blogs. So, who exactly are they and why are they so popular? The answer is simple; To get ten thousand butts, you need to follow these steps:

Step one –

Find a quality toto site to promote on. This is very important. You need to find a high authority ten thousand blogs that have a great amount of views each month. This will ensure that your toto site will be found by those people who are searching for what you have to offer.

Step two –

Once you have found a toto site with a great amount of blogs belonging to your target market, find out which ones are most popular. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Google’s keyword tool to find popular keywords. Once you find the keywords that are being used the most, try to find similar content using them. If you can create a few variations of the ten thousand butts topic, it can increase your chance of being found.

Step three –

Create a blog post based on the keyword you found previously. Once you have created the post, wait a day before publishing it. Try to publish it on the same day as your toto site. This will ensure that your article will show up on the leading ten search engines that are used by those seeking information on the topic. If your post does not show up there, you may want to re-publish the original article on a different site.

Step four –

Keep republishing your articles. It may take a few months of this, but eventually your toto site will begin to climb in the search engine ranks. It is at this point that you can begin to market your original ten thousand 꽁머니 topic directly. You may want to write a few articles about the topic and send them out to article directories. It’s important to mention to your readers that they should check out your site for more original content.

Step five –

Use social bookmarking sites to bring more traffic to your site. There are dozens of social bookmarking sites that allow you to post new content and bookmark your older posts. Social bookmarking allows you to create backlinks to your ten thousand butts site with the click of a button. As you create more backlinks to your ten thousand butts site, you will begin to see a steady climb in the search engine rankings.

Step six –

Advertise your toto site. The best way to get your ten thousand butts site seen is to advertise it on other web sites. There are hundreds of free web sites to advertise to. However, there are also sites that pay you to advertise on. If you find one that will work for your ten thousand butts website, then spend the required amount of money to advertise on it.

Step seven –

Market your ten thousand butts site. You may have already found some good content to feature on your site. If not, then try to look for fresh new content to feature on your site. Remember, content always sells better than advertising.

Step eight –

Build your link profile. The first step to getting your ten thousand butts site noticed is to build up a solid link profile. You can do this by leaving comments on blogs and forums, and by leaving links in your e-mails and on your websites. When you are networking, be sure to leave an anchor text link. This is a link that is hyperlinked to your site. This works similar to a normal hyperlink.

Step nine –

Create a press release and submit it to press release sites. Once you have created an original press release and made it available to media outlets, it is time to let them know about your ten thousand butts site. Contact local newspapers and television stations. Offer to do commercials for them to help finance your project.


These are just some of the techniques you can use to build up your ten thousand butts site. You need to develop other strategies as well. But remember, the real secret to ten thousand butts is to start building up a solid foundation before you actually sell it.


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