How to Block Ads When Watching Movies Online for Free

Free online streaming sites are the best for watching the latest films and movies. The only things that affect the whole experience badly, however, are the ads and irritating popups. 

Ads are the main reason why most film lovers go for paid platforms instead of free sites like movierulz plz teulgu, and they have to pay unnecessary money each month for this service. 

If you cannot afford to pay for an ad-free online platform but you would still like to get rid of the ads, we have just the right tool for you. Using any free adblocker application gets rid of the ads altogether and gives you an uninterrupted and smooth film streaming experience.

In this article, we will take you through some of the best ad blocking software that you can use without any worry for a more fulfilling movie experience.

Let’s take a look at these apps and see what they have to offer.

  • uBlock Origin

This useful ad blocker comes with customizable filter lists to block the ads more efficiently and to keep you informed about the type of ads. You can use the host files to create your own custom filter lists. This allows you to get rid of some specific ads on a certain website.

uBlock Origin has a very small size. It works well with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Make sure to download this app from its official platform. The app is so easy to set up and use that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use it.

  • AdBlock

This is another great adblocker that you can install and it will automatically reach out to its filter list to block some major ad-producing servers.

The blocklist of this app is totally customizable. You can add or remove the ads depending upon your own preference and needs.

Apart from blocking, this tool also gives you the ability to whitelist the sites and ads that are relevant to your streaming and are meant to make it better which is pretty cool.

This adblocker is among the top ones when it comes to blocking ads on streaming sites. It supports four of the major web browsers i.e., chrome, firefox, safari, edge.

  • Stands Fair AdBlocker

This adblocker is only available for google chrome. The features provided by this tool include interactive UI, customisable ad filters, whitelisting desirable sites and pop-up blocking, etc.

The app is very efficient and users seem to love the results in blocking YouTube and other streaming and general website ads. The site gives you complete information about the blocked sites and ads and you can even choose to block ads from a specific part of a platform.

  • Adblock Plus

The main features of this tool include pre-set filter lists, easy setup, non-intrusive advertising, and 5 web browsers support. Using this single tool you can block ads on streaming sites in Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge browsers of both android and iOS devices.

Customisable filter lists of this app allow one to keep some sites from showing up any ads while giving permission to others. The app offers a very basic UI and with the help of some self-explanatory steps, anyone can effectively block annoying ads with ease through this tool.

  • AdGuard 

This great ad blocker is among the top choices of users since it can block ads from appearing on streaming sites like kisscartoon, 123movies, and torrent sites like 1337x, YTS, etc, and from virtually any other site simultaneously.

The app has customizable filter lists, parental control options, gives protection from tracking, and much more.

You can add this app easily on your Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android and it will take care of any annoying pop-up, advertisement and promotional material, and backlinks that appear. Check out cartoon torrenting sites.

Final Words

So, if you are frustrated and annoyed by ads and popups while streaming like most people, try out these exciting tools and get rid of ads once and for all.

These apps have been well received by users across the globe. We have picked these tools after carefully considering their ratings and effectiveness in blocking undesirable ads and platforms. Give these applications a go and we are certain you will not find yourself complaining about ads anymore.

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