How to Beat Unemployment During the Pandemic Period

During these difficult times, people across the globe are faced with losing their jobs as economies shut down, or move to the just essential services. On top of that, there are more than 1.6 billion students not able to attend school and classes. When you are dealing with the potential of not getting that job back again when things begin to recover, what can you do to beat unemployment during the pandemic? The key here to think about what you can do to better prepare yourself for finding a job when places start to hire again. One of the options available are online learning platforms.

There are many places that offer quality learning opportunities online. As well as existing sites that were already around offering this option, there are more places online that usually charge a fee that are offering some courses for free too, as part of a move to help during these hard times. People who are unemployed can take the time they have to develop skills in high demand. Students whose classes have not restarted online can do the same.

Demand high for professional online learning

There is a strong demand for professional learning programs online, as more people realize this is their best chance to gain employment when things improve. Typically popular topics for better employability skills include;

• Data science skills
• Leadership and management
• Computer and data sciences
• Tech education
• Finances
• Engineering
• Real estate
• Health care
• Personal development courses

The best free online courses will add something to your own knowledge and to your resume. You can focus on just what you think will help you beat unemployment, but it is also important in these times, to look at yourself. Some personal development and learning might be just what you need to pass the time, center yourself and get through it, especially if, as with many people, you are in lock-down. Remember these are free courses so you can mix it up with what makes you feel good.

Take your time choosing your modules

It is easy to get caught up in those feelings of panic. Whether you are unemployed due to the pandemic or for other reasons, it can be hard to at first to know what you are going to do. Take some time for yourself. When you are looking at making choices, even about something like online learning platforms, it can lead to rushed and panicked decisions. Before you commit to something check out all the options. As we have said, what is available right now is a lot more than in normal times. You have options, and you do not have to pay for some great training and education opportunities that will boost your employability skills.


There is a lot of fear and change with this pandemic, and right now it is hard to see what the world will be like after. What will be the new normal? There will be a lot of people looking to re-build, find jobs, start new careers. Find some of the best free online courses and give yourself an advantage over people who do not!

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