How To Steal Your Competitors’ Customers [ No You Don’t Have To Hire A Thief ]

Establishing a business might be difficult, especially when you have a plethora of competitors out there. To obtain some loyal and log-lasting clients, you must steal – as unethical as it sounds, it is rightful.

If you are a small business or growing one, you will have some competitors with which its customers are dissatisfied. If you have something better to offer, there is a high chance that people will turn their eyes towards you and invest in your goods or services. However, how can you do this when you aren’t reaching out to their targeted audience?

We have four ways in which you can steal your competitors’ clients for sure. In this article, we will be covering the following ideas:


  1. Snapchat Geo-filter/Snapchat Ads Over Competitor’s Business
  2. Social Poaching Coupon
  3. Utilize Your Competitors’ Local SEO keywords
  4. Take Advantage of Gmail for Online Advertising


Snapchat Geo-Filter/Snapchat Ads Over Competitor’s Business

In the world of digitalization and social media, people are particularly addicted to Snapchat and spend hours a day using it for a myriad of reasons. Some find it fun to use when they’re out at a particular place, using a geo-filter, they mention where they were. For example, a group of friends goes out to café, and they take a picture using a geo-filter – this helps create a huge market place for businesses.

Not only does it tell which customers can be targeted according to their interests, but also what type of products they are interested in. Such a strategy, with the help of technology, allows businesses to make scalable and profit advertising campaigns on Snapchat, which eventually lead to the growth of revenue, massively.

Moreover, Snapchat’s’ advertising system is self-serving and user-friendly. With the help of geo-filters, anyone can purchase adverts to run in specified areas and specified times, which makes it highly flexible and also very useful.

Moreover, it’s a very cheap and affordable tactic — something as low as $5 a day, can enable you to reach thousands of people in any targeted areas, from where your competitors are already getting their customers. With comparison to traditional advertising, which can cost thousands of dollars, Snapchat Ads are more economical.

The best part is that your investment in advertising can never go wrong. Because, even with less capital, you will be able to go through a trial and error phase where you can check which Snapchat geo-filter is best to use and where does it get you the best profit.

Moreover, you can also check which seasons help you achieve the best out of your adverts. Hence, when you have prepared yourself a well-built strategy, you can run your Snapchat Ads with more feasibility and also simply, win over your competitors’ clients.




Social Poaching Coupon

Your loyal customers can be your best assets to help you grow your business. They are unique, so you need to make sure they feel special. Most companies make the mistake of focusing too much on their new customers over their promising and repeating clients. This creates a bad name for your brand. You might end up getting bad reviews or bad comments on your networking sites. What can you do to keep a loyal customer loyal forever? Well, there are several ways you can do that. For starters, you can give them something for free and also give them an exclusive coupon, which is very beneficial. Now, you cannot apply this method to hundreds of loyal customers if you don’t have enough funds, but you could arrange small meet-ups to make your loyal customers come together and make it the talk of the town. The most important aspect of this is that, with the given coupons, the customers are surely going to come back to your business.

Another thing you can do is target customers on your competitor’s social media. Keep an eye on every “fan” of your competitors, such as people who have been liking their services, which means they’re interested in them. After which, you would target them by sending them a personalized message in which you will offer a certain percentage of the discount. Start with 10-20%. Many of these fans would be interested in you and soon reach out to your business and avail of what you are offering them. You could also tell them to leave +5 stars and even a comment with which they can receive a further discount. People value, and always keep in mind what amount you are willing to offer them.

Another way to follow this strategy is to ask your customers to leave you a review on their social media platforms in exchange for a coupon. If your brand would stand out and keep reaching a larger audience, you would be able to create a public presence and a brand image for yourself.

Just saying things like “we value our customers” would not be helpful; you need to show people what makes your value different from the rest, and for that, you need to work with your customers one-on-one and not as a whole crowd.


Utilize Your Competitors’ Local SEO Keywords

Local SEO has been an ignored strategy; however, it is a highly effective one. Think of it this way: when you search for an electrician, you get results of those who work near-by your area. How does this happen? The companies that are shown have used a local SEO strategy. Only by visiting websites such as Ahrefs, you can find out which SEO works best for your area. They offer a 7-day trial period, where you can obtain keywords from and then use those to rank the content of your website. After this, you would be able to rank against your competitors, when customers search for the SEO keywords, they’ll find your business and get in touch with you.

Each business has three focus areas: name, address, and place. Or, commonly known as NAP. By using your time and energy on targeting globally recognized keywords, it’s a hard chance that you would achieve something out of it. So, you should mention your NAP, alongside what you offer on the main pages of your website, you would be easily able to grab the attention of your competitor’s customers, and it works even better if your competitor has ignored this strategy.


Take Advantage of Gmail For Online Advertising

Gmail ads are a simple and affordable way to find your way into the lives of the customers. Gmail has a vast audience, and sooner or later, when customers see your ad, they will refer to you. Even though this is a simple method, you need to use a tricky strategy, and that is to use your competitors’ strategy to grab the clients’ attention. The way you can grab your competitor’s strategy is by signing up for their email newsletter and studying their social media.

As your business may be new, there is a high chance that people viewing your ad would not be sure who you are, and wouldn’t be interested. However, if you use your competitor’s strategy and design your Gmail Ad campaign will soon view the ad and learn more about you.

The best part about Gmail Ads is that many people don’t use it; however, Gmail has a broad audience from which you can benefit. Moreover, it is a cost-effective strategy and very much affordable by all kinds of businesses.



Use these four ways that we mentioned above to get the most benefits out of them. We hope you liked our ideas and would soon apply them. If you do, let us know down in the comments on how it worked out for you. This blog was crafted by Jamylee Germany Digital Marketing Expect


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