Do you ever think that what would happen if Sourav Ganguly was not appointed as the captain of the Indian cricket team? What were the primary options when Sachin Tendulkar resigned for captaincy?

 What was the state of affairs of the crew at that time? Fans would love to read about the situation of that time and we are here to give a brief of the matter.

Indian Cricketers Affiliation (ICA) chief Ashok Malhotra recalled the time of appointing Sourav Ganguly as the role of vice-captain for the team is a hard job. 

Ashok Malhotra said that it was tougher to select Ganguly as the vice-captain of the team as there were many circumstances at that time. And after that, it was not even thought by the members of ICA for making Ganguly as the captain but as soon as Sachin Tendulkar resigned he was chosen to lead the team.

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 It was very hard for them to convince everyone for making him captain as there were Anil Kumble and Ajay Jadeja in the line, he added.

Indian cricket team developed a brand new match-winning team under the captaincy of Ganguly. He developed a crew of youngsters that fought against many of the finest teams in the cricket world. Under Ganguly’s leadership, India broke the winning streak of Australia in Test match in 2001. In 2002 India won the NatWest Trophy tri-series in England, was able to reach the World Cup Final in 2003, won a Test series in Pakistan in 2004, and drew a test series in England in 2004.

 Ganguly is regarded as one of the most successful captains of Indian Cricket till now. Today he holds the President’s position in the BCCI and is very much respected by all.

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