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How Proper Hydration Will Keep You Healthy

Water is an essential part of our life. It helps to keep us physically and mentally healthy. While we are often concerned about what food we give our bodies, we often forget to regulate our water consumption for the day. Water will help you keep healthy in the following ways.

Healthy Joints

Our skeleton is the main framework of our body. Our skeleton comprises of joints that help our mobility during the day. Joints can become painful when they do not have enough lubricant. The cartilage between the joints, which is the main component contains 80 percent of water. Joints are also important for their shock-absorbing quality. When there is dehydration over a long period of time, our joints may lose shock-absorbing quality.

Important Component of Saliva, Mucus, and Tears

Saliva and mucus are an important part of the digestive system. Saliva helps to digest food and keep our mouth, nose, and eyes moist. You should also drink water to have good oral hygiene. If you are fond of sweetened beverages, you may replace them with more water to help reduce tooth decay and oral cavities.

Important Component of Blood

Blood is a huge component of the body. Blood delivers oxygen to our cells that keep our body functioning to its optimum level. Blood also is a major part of our circulatory system and any problems in it could have adverse effects on the main organs of our body, the brain, heart, and kidneys.

Keeps Skin and Bone Healthy

Glowing and fresh skin is probably the most obvious changes you can notice when you increase your overall water intake. Water is important to keep our skin supple and clear. It has a huge benefit for those who are suffering from acne. It also has a huge impact on skin aging. Premature wrinkles can be avoided when we keep ourselves properly hydrated.

Essential for Temperature Regulation

Body temperature regulation is one benefit of water that is often misunderstood. When our body heats up in a hot temperature, the water that is stored in the middle layers of our skin evaporates as sweat, inducing a cooling effect on our body. Many researchers have also found that keeping ourselves less hydrated leads to a lower ability to tolerate heat. During exercise, if there is a large store of water in the body it can lead to more than normal physical stress.

A Healthy Digestive Tract

Our gut needs water to keep it healthy. A healthy digestive tract is important to keep us healthy to keep working throughout the day. If your body is not hydrated enough, you may have digestive health issues. These include stomach ulcers, acidity, and heartburn. This can be a huge problem and can be irritating while doing daily chores.

Healthy Kidneys

Kidneys are important to regulate blood pressure, filter toxic elements of our body, and also keep our cardiovascular system working properly. Kidneys flush waste out from our bodies and also regulate the pH of the blood. A significant change in the blood pH can become lethal in some cases.

Healthy Airways

Our airways are extremely essential to our bodies. A healthy airway ensures that there is a healthy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and our body. When you are not hydrated enough, the airways are restricted and aim to work at their optimum level to reduce water loss from the body. This consequently leads to worsening respiratory conditions like asthma.

Minerals and Nutrients Are Available

Water is an essential component of our body because it dissolves nutrients and minerals in the blood and delivers them all over the body. Minerals and nutrients help us be healthy, mentally and physically. If they do not reach the parts of the body that require them, we may feel lethargic and unable to do our daily chores.

Helps Weight Loss

Obesity can be a risk factor for many diseases. It has a huge impact on our body and it can also mess up the immune system of our body causing us to fall sick often. Water can play a major role in maintaining a healthy weight. If you have water before, a meal it creates a feeling of fullness and so does not allow us to overeat during the meal.

Helps Improve Mood

Drinking less water is linked with poor mood. Mood is affected a lot by how hydrated your body is. A low mood can induce depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Water regulates electrolytes in our body like sodium, potassium, etc. which help improve brain function. You may also have difficulty concentrating and bad memory when you are not hydrated enough.

May Help With Headaches

If you experience a lot of headaches especially migraines, then one reason may be that you are not taking in enough water. Dehydration can be a significant trigger for migraines and can induce migraine attacks more often.

Final Thoughts

Water is an essential part of our lives and we should ensure we are taking enough water daily for good physical and mental well-being. Most of us often forget to drink water throughout our day. Many Smart Devices for Home like voice assistants can help us remind to take water every few hours. This will ensure that our body is healthy, active, fresh throughout the day.


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