How Much It Costs To Study in Canada?

Study in Canada

With a wide range of activities and experiences available in a nation renowned for its vast expanses, cosmopolitan cities, and natural beauty, Canada is one of the most popular studies abroad locations in the world. According to study in Canada consultants, the good news is that tuition costs are typically lower in Canada than in other popular Anglophone countries (the US, UK, and Australia), though they are still fairly high when compared to other nations. Here you will know how much it costs to study in Canada according to your course choice. Delhi escort service

Canada and IELTS

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Canadian Universities for Study Abroad

A helpful online calculator for estimating the fees of attending various Canadian universities is available from the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), and it also includes instructions on the paperwork required to apply.

Tuition fees in Canada

The fees that universities for study in Canada establish themselves depend on a number of variables, including the programme you’re enrolled in, whether you’re an international or domestic student, and whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student. The most recent report from Statistics Canada shows that in Canada, undergraduate domestic students’ tuition prices decreased on average by 5.3 percent while undergraduate foreign students’ tuition fees increased by 7.6 percent.

A graduate degree will typically cost CA$7,056 per year for Canadian citizens, while an undergraduate degree would cost an average of CA$6,463 per year.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees in Canada

The average tuition cost for overseas undergraduate students in 2019–20 is CA$29714 (about US$22,500), according to Statistics Canada. Courses in the humanities are typically less expensive ($5,542), although courses in engineering and medicine are among the most expensive ($14,162 for medicine and CA$21,717 ($16,446), respectively). The annual cost of CA$6,827 (about US$5,170) for business and management courses is less than the national average.

The tuition is typically less expensive for postgraduate studies, though this again depends on your programme. According to Statistics Canada, the typical postgraduate tuition cost for international students in 2019–20 will be CA$17,744, or roughly US$13,437; this is a 4% increase from the previous year.

Cost of Study MBA in Canada

Executive MBA programmes are often the most expensive, costing an average of CA$56,328 (about US$42,657), while standard MBA programmes cost an average of CA$27,397 (around US$20,747). (Read more here about MBA programmes offered in Canada.)

Get your free copy of the QS Top Grad School Guide, which features a section specifically regarding postgraduate study in Canada, online to learn more.

Cost of living in Canada

Despite the fact that you must have at least CA$10,000 (US$7,570) (or CA$11,000/US8, 300, if you’re studying in Quebec,) in addition to your tuition, you’ll probably need to set aside much more money for living expenses. Depending on your location and spending patterns, your daily expenses will vary greatly; in general, living in large cities is more expensive. Toronto was the most costly Canadian city to live in, closely followed by Vancouver, with rent in both cities being notably exorbitant, according to the 2019 Mercer Cost of Living Survey.

Students typically spend between CA$3,000 and CA$7,500 (US$2,271 and 5,680) a year for on-campus housing, the most expensive of the three main forms of student housing (homestay, university housing, and private housing). Including costs, private shared housing can run about CA$8,400 (US$6,361) per year. With some institutions offering meal plans that enable you to buy food from the campus’s food shops, university housing is frequently more affordable.

These examples of typical living expenses in Canada were derived from Numbeo in October 2019:

  • A restaurant meal costs CA$16 per person (around US$12).
  • A local bus or train one-way ticket costs CA$3 (around US$2.27).
  • Bread loaf: CA$2.86 (around US$2.17)
  • A movie ticket costs CA$13.50 ($10.22 US).
  • Cost of a gym membership per month: CA$48.25 (around US$36.54).

While studying in Canada, you must acquire mandatory health insurance. The annual cost will be roughly CA$600-800 (US$455-607). Budget for additional expenses as well, such as purchasing warm winter gear if you don’t already have any.

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