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How Men lure other Men to Adult Websites via Fake Sexting

There are lots and lots of different ways that someone can trick you into thinking they’re someone else on the internet. It’s such a common occurrence that there’s an entire industry based around doing it. It’s called catfishing and it happens all the time. What’s really upsetting about the whole thing is that it’s normally men pretending to be women in order to catfish other men. When you can read an entire article on The Guardian about how to catch someone who’s actively catfishing you, then you know that it’s something you have to pay some attention to. 

Is fake sexting a hidden truth online?

  1. The nightmare of ewhoring
  2. How it all works
  3. Avoid fake women by avoiding fake sites


  1. The nightmare of ewhoring

There’s really nothing worse than when something like this happens to you and it might just push you to swear off of the internet altogether. That’s not really necessary, though. If you want to continue using online platforms to enjoy sex chats with real women then you just have to know how to avoid these men. There are a few different things that you can look out for that will serve as red flags. When you see one of them, pay close attention to your interactions with this other person. It’s pretty likely that they’re just men who want to trick you into something by posing as women.

  1. How it all works

You can’t really learn how to avoid a fake sexting session until you realize how it all actually works. It’s not as complicated as it may seem to you. Most obviously, there’s a huge community of gay men out there who pretend to be women in order to sex chat with straight men. There’s a whole article about why those guys do it on GQ. Then there are the men who want to rip you off. They’re the most dangerous ones that you can come across. They’ll set up fake profiles all over the internet and steal photos of extremely attractive women to post. Then they go out and actively send sexts to other men. Look at this article on ewhoring with video illustration on how it all works. Ewhores know how to get your attention because they know what guys like. All they have to do is tap into that and you’ll be deep into your fake sexting session before you even start to wonder about it. Their goal is to trade as many sexts with you as possible before you catch on. Once you get too far into it to think rationally, that’s when you get hit with the scam and you’re almost certain to fall for it.

  1. Avoid fake women by avoiding fake sites

The best thing that you can do to save yourself from getting catfished is to simply stay away from the site where these guys hang out. They’re all over most of the dating sites out there and some of them even allow it. That’s why you really have to pay attention to your surroundings on any online platform. If you want to just head to a site that’s going to let you talk to actual women and no one else then all you really have to do is spend time for sext chat at This is the kind of place that men who want to catfish are always going to avoid. The site just makes it impossible for them to do what they want to do. The women are encouraged to have live video chats with the other members. That means that they have to be who they say they are if they want to use the site at all. You can be sure that the person you choose to sex chat with is going to be the real deal. It’s the best way to keep yourself safe on an increasingly unsafe internet

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