How has the Pandemic of COVID-19 turned the world into a ghost town?

The lethal virus, which started from Wuhan city of China, did not take much time to spread across the world. Starting from China, it spread to south-east Asian countries, and then it spread to European countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, and many more. It even reached other parts of the world, including North America, South America, Australia, and so on.

Since the virus spreads through human contact, several countries have opted for the only solution – lockdowns and self-isolation. Here’s what you need to know about what’s going on around the world:

  • Complete Lockdowns– Major cities like Washington D.C., Paris, London, and Berlin have gone on complete lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. The situation is so bad that no person is allowed to come out on the streets. As a result, the quarantine has turned some of the busiest hubs to mere ghost towns – with no human to be seen on the roads.
  • Death TollEffect of the Coronavirus the total number of positive coronavirus cases has increased to 35.86 lac worldwide. The total number of death till now has been recorded to 2.48 lac, while 1162300 has recovered from COVID-19. This is one of the biggest pandemic situations the world has ever witnessed. Every day we see new cases from all over the world. Even the developed nations are not able to control it and are losing courage in the fight against Coronavirus.
  • Tourism has gone for a toss –In all the deserted places, tourists and locals have completely disappeared from the streets. People who were dependent on tourism have lost their livelihood.
  • Economic Hit –Service-class people are also facing a major financial crisis, especially the daily wage earners. Governments around the world have called for a complete lockdown. And other than essential shops everything is closed. The movement of all types of public transport, courier services, goods transportation, and all other such movements has been prohibited too.
  • Shortage of Supplies –There have been warnings by global agencies that there could be a worldwide food shortage if the crisis is not resolved properly. This has led to more sufferance, especially for poverty-stricken people.
  • Regulatory Measures– Throughout the lockdown period, people are being screened and sanitized. People are scared as the virus can stay alive on most of the surfaces for very long hours. So, everything needs to be disinfected with the help of people and spraying machines.
  • Postponement of momentous events – The pandemic has also affected the most significant sports events like Tokyo Olympics, Wimbledon, Premier League, Monaco Grand Prix, Golf, Boxing, and so on. It is the first time after world war II that such big sports events have been postponed.

Almost all the international and even domestic flights have been called off. Only essential supplies are being exported or imported. This is the biggest humanitarian crisis the current generation has witnessed. To resolve it, everyone will have to stay at home and practice social distancing. Streets and all public places will remain like a ghost place until the situation gets normal. Stay home to stay safe. Take care.

Summary – Corona Virus has originated from China, but within a very few days has turned the entire world into a deserted planet. Read the article to know how COVID-19 has affected the worldly actions.

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