How Eco Friendly Boxes Protect your Products and the Environment

A large number of companies are moving towards green packaging practices these days. With the rising environmental concerns, businesses have become more aware to cut short their packaging waste. The use of eco-friendly boxes can make a great contribution in this regard. It does not only protect your products but also proves beneficial for the environment. The more sustainable your packaging is, the better results you will get. Eco-friendly boxes are associated with using fewer materials. They employ environmentally sensitive methods which involve fewer energy consumptions as compared to others.

Usually, this energy is obtained from fossil fuels. They contribute millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere while packaging waste ending up in the land and water bodies. The use of eco-friendly packaging is the best way to address these issues and concerns. Let us have a look at how it plays an important role in protecting your products as well as the environment:

· Durable in Nature:

When we talk about eco-friendly boxes, they are made from highly durable cardboard or Kraft paper. The material is sturdy enough to provide maximum protection to your goods. Depending upon your product specifications, the thickness and strength of the material can be customized accordingly. For lightweight and less fragile items, eco-friendly Kraft is a good choice while for heavy or breakable items, cardboard or corrugated cardboard should be used. All these options are good enough to deliver your product’s safe at the customers’ doorstep. Due to their durable nature, these eco-friendly boxes are also being used for subscription and shipping these days. They increase customer satisfaction by delivering the products in perfect condition as they left the warehouse.

· Waste Reduction:

Heaps of waste being accumulated in the landfills every year is a big threat to the environment. Most of this waste is generated from our consumption activities. It either ends up in landfills or disposed of in water bodies causing a big danger for marine life. When you are thinking to design a packaging solution for your products, you might come across several choices like wooden cases, metallic tins, plastic containers, Styrofoam packaging, and a lot more. However, going for eco-friendly boxes is the best option to implement. It is available in various forms like cardboard, Kraft paper, paperboard, and corrugated packaging. Choose any one according to your need. All of them are recyclable and help in reducing your overall waste to a great extent. Recycling is an effective process to save a large amount of energy and resources.

Over the past few years, it has accounted for 64% energy saving, 58% water saving, and 60 pounds decline in air pollution. Moreover, businesses are struggling to find more innovative ways of eco-friendly packaging. The use of recycled paper, boxes made from consumer waste, bamboo and mushroom packaging, and fiber-based material are contributing to reducing the waste globally.

· Easy Disposal:

The type of packaging your business use may vary but it should be sustainable. Eco-friendly packaging has easy disposal. You might have come across those beautifully designed custom boxes made up of cardboard. They are so attractive and durable that consumers can reuse them several times before disposing of them. Kids can convert them to a series of interesting, crafts. After use, an eco-friendly box is disposed of in the recycling bin. The recycling bins are labeled for the type of material to be thrown inside. The waste is then sorted and move to recycle facility.

· No Harmful Plastics:

Eco-friendly packaging is free from harmful plastics that are a big threat to our environment. Traditional packaging methods, especially the use of plastic material contribute a lot to global warming and other environmental issues. Eco-friendly boxes are a good source to reduce this impact and ensure healthy living. Cardboard and all of its products are made from naturally occurring pine wood pulp. They require less energy for production as compared to non-sustainable petrochemical resources that require an extensive amount of energy. Moreover, such petrochemical products like plastics produce a lot of litter in public places and have seen end up with various health problems when used with food. On the other hand, eco-friendly boxes are perfectly safe to package and store food products for a long. The material is free from toxins and allergens that may penetrate the food spoiling its quality. In this way, eco-friendly packaging can prove beneficial for both the product as well as the environment.

· Energy Conservation:

An eco-friendly box requires less amount of energy as compared to other non-sustainable packaging options like plastic or Styrofoam. If you go for recycling, you can save more on cost. Recycling is an energy-saving process that can contribute a lot to decreasing the environmental impact. It is the practice of most eco-conscious businesses. Recycling 1 ton of paper packaging can save 17 trees, 380 oil gallons, 5 cubic yard landfill space, 4000 kW energy, and 7000 gallons of water.

· Reduced Carbon Footprints:

Another benefit caused by the use of eco-friendly packaging is the reduced carbon footprints. Recycling had a positive influence on the ethical standards of large businesses. The consumers of today also want to play their part to save the planet. Choosing eco-friendly packaging for your products does not only save the amount of raw material but also leads to a reduction in carbon footprints. When more packages can be shipped on the same freight carrier it improves the efficiency of the process. It also reduces the percentage proportion of carbon footprints set by your business on the environment.

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