How Do I Install TurboTax Program With or Without CD?

Believe it or not, the TurboTax program is, beyond shadow of a doubt, the best for those who don’t need any paperwork while filing their income tax returns. In fact, through the various versions available online of this software, there is nowhere to go out for purchasing it.  But when it comes to installing this valuable software, many of the program seekers find difficulty and can’t figure out how to install TurboTax with CD or DVD on Windows 10 or Mac.

So for you, we have rounded up the guidelines that will ultimately help you install the program with CD/DVD. Also, whether you’ve Windows 10 or Mac device, you will get all the detailed procedures regarding your requirement. Let’s start knowing one after another!

Installation Guide for TurboTax Using CD Drive on Windows 10

Step 1:  If you’ve purchased TurboTax CD, insert it into your computer’s CD drive section. If it’s not supposed to start with, navigate through the File Explorer and select the “This File” option to see the Devices and drivers.

Note: If the CD/DVD could not be run on its own or having a problem, you should return it or replace with it new ones.

Step 2: Right-click on the TurboTax CD drive and run it to start the process of program installation.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to proceed through the installation process should be carried out on a mini window that keeps appearing on the screen.

Step 4: When you’re done, you will then be required to activate the program by entering the 16 character license code that you can find on the CD box, or in the envelope.

Step 5: Once you finish the installation, check the program by double-clicking on the icon and start return filing.

This is how you can install the program from the software on your Windows 10. Next, move into the guidelines that you should know how the program can be installed on your Mac device.

Guidelines to Start How to Install TurboTax with CD on Mac Device

When it comes to proceeding over how to install TurboTax for Mac, if you find any difficulties, you must follow the steps down below:

Step 1: Insert your CD into your Mac’s CD/DVD drive.

Step 2: Follow the direction provided in the pop-up window to drag TurboTax checkmark icon to the Applications folder in the pop-up window.

Note: Don’t drag it into the Applications folder already on your Mac. It needs to get into the Applications folder from the pop-up.

Step 3: When you get into the product’s installed, now let’s activate it with the license code and continue the installation process.

Step 4: Double-click on the TurboTax program in the Application folder. Make sure that you’re running the program from the Applications folder, not from the mounted virtual drive or CD/DVD.

This is how you can install this exceptional program on your Mac. But what if you don’t have an installation disk?

What to Do When You Don’t Have TurboTax Installation Disk?

Often, you might not have the TurboTax installation disk and you are really needed the software in order to file the annual income tax return. So how you do is just keep following the steps down below. But remember, you have an active internet connection having no fluctuations, or else your downloading process would be disrupted.

Step 1: Go to the – an official website providing the downloading options from various version of TurboTax.

Step 2: Set up a TurboTax account if you don’t have one. However, if you do, log into the account with your user credentials – username and password. If you don’t remember your credentials, you can walk through the account recovery page.

Step 3: Enter the license code in the pop-up window. It’s a 14 character combination of letters and numbers that can be found in your mail.

Step 4: Select the operating system of your PC and go through the “Get Download” button.

Step 5: Once the program is downloaded, install the program from the “.exe” file.

Step 6: While installing the software, agree to the license agreement to use TurboTax and its functionality.

Step 7: Complete the installation with few more check-ups. After that, a TurboTax icon will be appeared.

Step 8: Double-click on the icon to check if all good with the installation.

In this way, you can easily install the TurboTax program without even the requirement of a CD/DVD. Hope this guide helps you in every possible way to install TurboTax for Mac or Windows installed PC. Thanks for your time!

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