How do I install missing DLL files?

MSVCP140.dll, which works likethe .exe file, is a shared filewhich supports the launch orloading ofgames or other programsthat usetheC, C++ and C++/CLI programming languages.If there aremissing orcorruptedMSVCP140.dll files,it will be impossible tostart the game or programandyou might getan error message that reads”The programcan’t startdue toMSVCP140.dll is missingfrom your computer.Try reinstalling the program in order tosolve this issue” or “Thisapplication could not startdue toMSVCP140.dlldid not exist.Reinstalling the application could fixthis problem.”

MSVCP ***.dlldocumentsalong withMSVCR ***.dlldocumentsareessential components ingamesand other programs. MSVC isshortforMicrosoft Visual C++ andprovides an integrated development(IDE) toolto createapplications.AndMSVCP140.dll isa component of theMicrosoft Visual Studio program.So when theMSVCP140.dll is missing it is possible to goand search for solutions onMicrosoft’s website.Microsoft Site.We’ve come up withtwo options for youtoget rid ofthis msvcp140 dll missing error on your Windows 10, 8.1, 87VistaorXP computer.

The Top 2 MethodstoRepairMSVCP140.dllMissing Erroron Windows Computer

Generallyspeaking,MSVCP140.dll isrequired for a variety ofPC games, and ifit ismissing, you have todownload andsavethe MSVCP140.dll filetoyourWindows system folder, or tothe installation folderof yourgame to correctyour game’smissing errors.Here’s a step-by-step guideon how to download and install the.dll file. Ifyou’re notexperienced onWindowsinner working it is suggested that yougo to the automated waysto followMethod 2.

Method1. ManuallyDownload and InstallMSVCP140.dll File

There aremany sites availablefor MSVCP140.dllfile downloads and youcan do a searchto downloadMSVCP140.dll file.dll file fromthese websites such asDLLfiles.However, it’s importanttoremember tobe wary of websiteswhich offer downloads with a risk of being unsafethat contain viruses or malwarewhich could harmyourcomputer and PC games.

Afterdownloading, you also need tobeextra cautious when installingyour.dll file installation:

Step1.Find out the system type of your PCby useWindows shortcut keys, Win +PauseBreak.You may get either32-bit OS, x86-based processoror 64-bit OSx64-basedprocessor.It is important to pay attention.

Step2. Check your .dll downloads. If the computer system type is the 32-bit one, then you should copy the copy the MSVCR120.dll file for 32-bit to the folder C:\Windows\system32 (some may be C:\WINDOWS\system32).

Ifyou have a 64-bitcomputer, copyMSVCP140.dllMSVCP140.dll (64-Bit)intothefolder C:/Windows/System32, andthen copy theMSVCP140.dll (32-Bit)intotheC:/Windows/SYSWOW64 directory.Make sure the proper.dlldocument is saved totherightfolder.

Step3.UtilizeWin + Rto startRun.Type regsvr32msvcp140.dllandthen pressEnter torun the program.Or you can performan initial restartto make it take effects.

Pay attentionto the stepsyou take whenyou apply this method,or youcould faceotherWindowsproblems, such as100% diskusage perpetual reboot or ghost screenetc.

Method2.2. DownloadMSVCP140.dll via DLLFile.NET

Because it’s not easyto download theappropriateMSVCP140.dllfiles for yourWindows you could opt fora high-efficiency solution. DLL FILE is aprofessionalgame componentas well asdriverupdates and downloadutility will fix the MSVCP140dllmissing errorwith just a singleclick. Itprovides a list ofrequired.dll filesmatchingyoursystem , as well as solutions forfixingthemissing error.It is easy todownload and installMSVCP140.dll files ina matter of minutes.

You can get this via the button above and download the MSVCP140.dll files as well as other MSCVR***.dll/MSVCP***.dll files instantly with the steps below:

Step1.Click Search andSearch for the Driver Name you’d like to type.For example, mscvp140.

Step2.Select theMSVCP140.dll and clickon the downloadbutton

Step3. Paste Downloaded Driver on its directory toresolvethemissing MSVCP140.dll fileproblem.After that, reboot the computer to ensureall the changes take effects.

Take note that if you haveproblems likeGamesthat are not playing, Games not showing in full screen, orthere is noisein games, you canlook upPC Repair.PC Repair option for solutions.

It’s that simple.I hope this article helpsto resolvethe.dllerror.missing erroronce you have installed theappropriateMSVCP140.dll files. If you haveany questionsabout how to fixthisMSVCP140.dll missing error, pleasebe sure to address themby commentingbelow ortheLEFT MENU on this page.

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