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How to create a Blog

Hey Guys, Welcome to our website. In this fast Growing and Digital world, Everybody wants to express their opinion and Blogging is a great Platform to express your views. Now it is very easy to start Blogging and create your own website like

What is a Blog?

Blog is a regularly updated website or blog post. Bloggers often may write from their personal perspective to connect with people or from their community’s perspective. In most Blogs Bloggers add a comment section so that they can connect with their readers and interact with them. You can do blog for your passion or you can turn your blog for money motive by serving ads on your website like Google adsense or Pop up ads. Now I will show you how to create a best blog.

Steps How to create your own Blog

Step 1 : Choose Name and  Topic for your Blog

The first step to create a good Blog is to find a Good name for your blog which suits best for your topic. The blog name should be attractive and express something. Most successful bloggers focus on one topic like food, Travel, Space, Cars, etc.

If you are blogging in a specific topic you should add that topic in your blog, it will look more attractive and try not to hang on a single word for example a Technical blog doesn’t necessarily have to have the word “Technical” in it. The words, “Technology”, “Advance”, “Computers” would also let people know that your blog is about “Technical”.

Once you select your Blog name then you have to buy a domain extension for your blog. I personally recommend .com extension but .net, .org, .in also works well. You can also choose whether you want to buy a paid domain from Godaddy or Big rock or You want a free domain which is offered by Google Blogger. I personally recommend to go for Free domain if you are Beginner

Step 2 : Find the best Blogging Platform ( Web Hosting )

Now you have your domain name. The next step is to make your Blog online, It sounds technical and hard but it is very easy. You had to select blog hosting which will helps in Blogging software. If you don’t know what is a blog host – A blog host is a software which will collects all information regarding to your blog and will deliver that information to the user when they type your blog name

A blog host comes in 2 platforms Paid Hosting and Free Hosting

Free Hosting are Blogger by Google or Tumblr and many other websites. If you are a beginner in Blogging then you should go for free blogging but there are many cons and downsides of a free blogging platform like limited monetization, limited customization and many others. If you want to be professional you should go for paid hosting and personally I love Godaddy Hosting.

Step 3 : Install wordpress and Customize your Wordpress Theme

After finding the best platform for your blog. You have to install the Wordpress Hosting Platform for your Blog. Once you login you will be in the wordpress administrator, Here you can change your blog theme you want to your Blog.

In wordpress, there are several free themes? What is Theme – Themes control the entire design. It will give you a look how your blogs will appear. Every blog has a unique appearance depending on the user. To change the theme you have to click on the “Appearance” Tab on the left menu. You will see several themes which are already installed in your blog. They are free blog themes which will work in any type of your blog. Unless you have a specific theme in your mind for your blog, I recommend you to choose a free blog theme.

Once the theme is installed, Click on activate the theme on your Blog. After activating the theme It will change your blog appearance. You can go to your Blog to see the New theme.

Step 5 : Publish your first Blog

Now after Customising your Blog, You can write your Blog, Your Blog post should be real. On the left side of your Dashboard, You will see the “Post” option. Click on the Post option. You will see your every post if you don’t have any. Click on New Post. You can write a new blog here.

Step 6 : Create New Pages

With all the above steps done, You have to create some pages for your Blog.

  • Blog: This  section WordPress automatically creates for you. All your blog posts going to publish here
  • About –This page will tell your  visitors what your blog is about
  • Contact – This page will let people connect with you
  • Privacy and Policy : This page will tell about your blog’s privacy and policy

Step 7 : Promote Your Blog to reach more people

After Publishing your Blogs, You need readers for your blog. You should focus on promoting it especially when it’s your first blog. You can alert your friend circle, You can use social media, You can use SEO to promote your blog, I Hope these steps were easy and you understand it, but if any steps are unclear you can ask in the comment section.

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