How can you check answers using OMR Software?

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The conventional methods of paper based tests have been effectively transformed to the automate level with the emergence of OMR technology. With all the educational industries and government/corporate sectors adopting OMR software, the process of creating and evaluating tests and forms has become considerably easy.

OMR solution is vast and comprises of various features that can help right from the beginning till the end of creating and evaluating tests and forms. It can design, print, scan, read and evaluate all types of OMR sheets without the need of any other software.

Out of its diverse functionalities the most comprehensive one is the evaluation of sheets. OMR software can easily and effectively evaluate OMR sheets and even generate report with optimum accuracy.


Apart from this, some of its other remarkable OMR Software features are-

  • The OMR sheet reader software is fast enough to automatically process at least 300 sheets in a minute.
  • When scanning OMR sheets, you don’t need any specific OMR scanner. Any regular flatbed, ADF and MFP scanner will be perfect for scanning the sheets.
  • It can both read as well as evaluate the OMR answer sheets simultaneously.
  • OMR software has got in-built feature to detect cheating or wrong answer key by comparing the data of the forms/test sheets.
  • When processing OMR based tests it can even generate a comprehensive test report that too within minutes.
  • It can crop and separately save important details from the forms such as signature of the candidate, contact details, photograph, etc.
    It guarantees 100% accuracy of evaluation and result generation.
  • The result can be further segregated in form of comprehensive report that displays result in various comparative and graphical/statistical formats.

Now let’s move on to the part where we will discuss about the procedure that goes into the evaluation of OMR sheets and forms.

1st step is to design the OMR sheets and forms. In order to design OMR sheets you can use free in-built sheet designing tools and templates that can be customized according to the requirement.

2nd step is to select the sheet size for printing. You can use any sheet size right from A4, A3 to even legal.

3rd step is to print the sheets. For printing OMR sheets and forms you can use any regular office printer. Also, you need to decide the color for printing as OMR sheets can even be printed in red, blue, green and orange color.

4th step is to distribute the answer sheets and forms to the relevant candidates and get them marked.

5th step requires you to collect the OMR sheets and place them in the scanner for starting the evaluation process. You can use any regular scanner and still get the best scanning result.

In the 6th step OMR software reads the scanned OMR sheets in comparison with the answer key added by the admin, and then processes them further to generate the result.

Once the result is generated through OMR software the admin can further get the reports. The reports are generated in various graphical and statistical formats.



OMR reader software follows a systematic process for sheet reading, evaluation and generating result. Right from the beginning of designing the sheets to the very end of generating test result, OMR software is the most cost-effective solution that is being largely preferred by admins and educators across the globe.

Richa Ahuja

Richa Ahuja is a professional writer cum researcher working with Think Exam which is a leading online assessment platform. Richa has got  a flare to write on topics related to educational domain. She has been an integral part of various researches and surveys that showcase the educational front of the world. To write something that inspires and brings a change in the world is what she aspires to do.

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