How AI is Being Used to Transform the Education System Worldwide?

Today, AI’s ubiquitous influence can be felt in all spheres of life, be it office tasks, therapeutic process or education. The demand for AI has increased manifolds in the last decade due to its application in language processing, cognitive modeling, reasoning, etc.

Integration of AI is taking place at all the academic institutions, in developed and developing nations. A 48% growth rate is predicted for the adoption of AI technologies in the education sector. Who knows maybe the essay writing services might be run by un-manned tools someday?

So, let us check out some of the important applications.

Virtual Assistants Instead of Textbooks

Universities are doling out virtual assistants to break free from the traditional education process. Now, students are interacting with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri.

Students can now converse with them, get personalized recommendations, and most importantly acquire the necessary resources to finish the assignments. For instance, York University has launched a virtual assistant for the undergraduate student that can be accessed via Moodle.

Moreover, Arizona State University hands out Amazon Alexa to its freshmen. Thus, the learners get timely and focused information regarding the campus, etc.


Simplified Organizational Tasks

It has been observed that teachers spend almost half their time on non-teaching tasks. These include exam paper gradation, paperwork, HR discussions, managing classroom materials, etc. Here, the AI tools have been a life-saver for educators.

Automated test gradation, proper arrangement of study materials is all being carried out by AI applications. Moreover, updated software is also taking care of the classification and processing of paperwork. Chatbots have also helped in improving learning outcomes by leveraging NLP.

Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Open edX even provides feedback on academic performance. Thus, teachers can solely focus on the teaching aspect and hold doubt-clearing sessions.

Content Management and Personalized Training

Each student has unique requirements, and the AI systems are used to create a personalized learning program. By 2024, 47% of the learning course materials will be structured by AI. It will be based on the analytics gathered by advanced systems and cognitive processing.

For instance, if a student is lagging behind the class in an aptitude section, he will be provided with further worksheets. And, the standard of questions will be set as per his performance. Furthermore, students can benefit from smart content like video lectures, online materials, etc.

For instance, schools and colleges can condense textbooks into useful tools for exam preparation. And, Netex Learning enables teachers to prepare digital curriculum.


Digital Twins to Enhance Comprehension

Are you aware of the digital twin technology? If not, you are going to love it. Many schools and universities have started implementing it, and the response has been positive so far.  For example, the Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management rely on Experior.

In education, digital twins are being used to create replicas of atomic structures or engineering modules. Some of the objects, like radioactive elements or certain engineering process, is dangerous or intricate. Here, the digital simulation would enable the students to understand or execute the procedure.

Interestingly, there is no question of component failure, which would have ruined a project in real life.

Smart Test Preparation Systems

Do you experience pre-exam jitters like 90% of the student’s in this world? You wouldn’t feel the same way once you get to check out the new test preparation applications available online. The mock tests and questions are backed by Deep Learning applications.

You can take the help of applications such as Quizlet, Toppr. Not only tests but applications keep cropping up daily that allows you to master your vocabulary, enrich your knowledge, etc.

You can reap the benefits of adaptive testing and faster grading. NWEA provides assignment to the K-12 students; Thinkster offers web tutorials on mathematics, etc. using advanced tools.

Boosting Creativity and 3D Overview

Immersive technologies are on the rise, and it has given a whole new meaning to the education process. Augmented Reality and Virtual reality headsets are donned by the students to understand subjects like geography, chemistry, physics, etc.

For example, the students will be able to visualize a historic site better, if it were given a 3D adjustment. While reading geography lessons, they will be able to comprehend the structure of a terrain, delta, and cloud formation.

Through virtual drawing applications like Tilt Brush, primary school children can explore their creativity. Engineering students can perform experiments virtually.


Smart Education Timetables

Imagine how exciting would it be if the student knew he or she has a personal education schedule? Well, Abl Schools is a prime example of next-generation school scheduling. Students would have their own time table and course materials and syllabus.

Similarly, Purdue Polytech and other schools are also moving towards smart scheduling. Thus, the learners won’t have to face so much competition and can learn the materials at their own pace.

This smart scheduling application can also be applied during exams or viva sessions.

As you can see, the footprint of AI in the education sector is growing each day. If you take my word, enhanced learning experiences will take the education sector forward. You can expect an aggressive expansion of AI technologies in the coming three to five years. If it’s successful, the students will be the winners in this ‘movement’.


Henry Howkins is a student counsellor, and he is proficient in Python Programming. Currently, he is associated with, where he supervises the service provided by the essay writers.

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