Guam Construction Bids

Guam’s construction tenders are beginning to be awarded. In May 2010, the first of many was awarded to construction companies in the United States and Guam. By 2014, the tiny island must be prepared in every way for the construction of a massive base on Guam. Construction companies of all sizes are preparing for the millions of dollars in contracts to be awarded over the next year. Businesses that should pay particular attention to Guam’s tender requests are utility construction, military contractors, and highway crews. It is unclear how many contracts will be awarded to Guam companies, but it is clear that there is more work than they can handle, especially if work continues at the current rate.


If you are concerned that all major contracts are awarded to large contractors, remember that they will need subcontractors. Current construction awards have ranged from $ 200 million to $ 300 million, and the companies that receive them plan to share the wealth by hiring multiple subcontractors to help with the massive amount of work.

Potential Jobs

Currently, expansions of the aging commercial port and outdated infrastructure of the islands are scheduled to be completed. The container storage areas are not large enough to handle the many supply containers that construction crews and military personnel will need to accomplish the construction of the Guam base. This leaves open the possibility for construction crews familiar with marine and highway construction to access a lucrative opportunity.

The construction of houses will also be necessary  marine construction ; There is currently not enough housing for military and construction personnel. Conservative figures estimate that there will be at least 14,000 more people moving to the island in the next four years, others estimate that the number will be closer to 35,000.

Whether the numbers are at the conservative level or higher, many improvements will be needed in roads, education, water and sewer facilities. To understand the level of change the area is seeking, imagine adding 2.5 million people to New York overnight! The bottom line is that there are many potential construction jobs now and in the near future to facilitate base build-up on Guam.

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