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Google Meets Becomes Free for All According to Its Latest Ad

As COVID-19 has left everyone restricted to their homes, various apps and software have become their saving grace in keeping them connected to their loved ones and in keeping their work meetings and collaborations moving. Unfortunately, Zoom, the video conferencing app that was raking massive revenue came crashing down when more than half a million Zoom accounts were compromised, with their credentials leaked to third parties and in some news to the deep dark web.

Now, Google introduced a rebranded Hangouts Meet by making it free for all, as its doing its best bit in these times. With Zoom posing uncertainties in the security department, Google Meet is emerging as a new app for communicating. The tech giant just released an ad emphasizing the free and consumer nature, yesterday.

Meet – Google Meet

The one-minute ad opens a simple animated Google’s logo followed by a handwritten font that reads, “Meetings aren’t meetings anymore”. What follows next is a series of examples of various meetings with accompanied taglines:

They’re birthday meetings, band meetings, neighborhood meetings, workout meetings, math class meetings, follow-up meetings, and every kind of meeting in between

They may not look like meetings or feel like meetings, but they’re among the most important meetings happening right now

That’s why we re-engineered Google Meet to be free and available for everyone

Premium video meetings / Trusted Google security / Free for everyone

Visit or look for it in Gmail

Google in this ad, also plays an emphasis on remote learning and telehealth usage, along with third-party filter extensions. The enterprise-only G suite affiliations that came with premium features are being dropped and have been made completely free until September the 30th; according to the ad.

Although Google Meet is available as a mobile app as well, the examples displayed more of the desktop with a new tiled view accommodating up to 16 callers. Google is also directing the users to and Gmail where Meet is integrated into the sidebar.

With this being said, many are asking about Google Meet’s availability on platforms and devices. Considering these are hard times and Google Meet being free can really help the world globally that no necessarily own the usual top of the line devices.

The answer?

Google Meet is compatible with most desktops – that include Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and even Linux systems like the famous Ubuntu. As for the mobile app, it is available for Android, iOS, and iPad OS.

Note that Google Meet doesn’t require a desktop client and can be accessed through browsers that include: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. As for mobile apps, devices running Android 5.0 or higher can enjoy video meetings on Google Meet. As for Apple, it is available on both, iPhones and iPads.

Technology at the forefront along with healthcare workers:

Clearly, technology is proving to be a powerful tool during the pandemic that has rendered economies weak, with millions pushed under self-quarantine for protection against the novel virus. What more is that many businesses are re-strategizing their marketing efforts and shifting their services to exclusive mobile apps. Since mobile apps have become a platform that the majority gravitates to and prefers for quick and easy access with high mobility. This is why organizations are seeking places such as a software development company in Houston to get the best development services.

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