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Choosing the right size for your TV Screen Brackets and Mounts that suit your needs cannot be boiled down to a simple formula. There are a few things to pay attention to before buying.

How much space is required for TV Screen Brackets and Mounts?


How much space in the living room can fit under a flat-screen TV? Is there room around the TV for ventilation and surround Dolby speakers? How much money do you want to spend? How far is the audience? I also want to know if a home theater system is right for the room? Will there be more space if I install wall shelves instead of a TV stand? Do you want a discount or a high quality big TV Screen Brackets and Mounts? And most importantly, how can the neighbors envy him?

Measure the location

Measure the installation location of your TV. Calculate the area of ​​the frame and ventilate by subtracting 1 meter from the reading. This will give you a rough idea. How big is a plasma TV in this space (a 50-inch TV takes up 1.5 meters of space). Large TV monitors, like all TV screens, are measure diagonally. The most common screen sizes are 42 “and 50”, but many are available in sizes from 32 “to 108”. The TV Screen Brackets and Mounts is measure at an angle, so a 50 “screen is slightly shorter than a 50” horizontal screen.

How many plasma TVs do I need to mount on the wall? 

The base of the flat wall should be slightly above the eye level of the viewer. The bottom of the screen should not be 1 meter higher than the eye level of an adult. The tilt bracket can be installe very high above the fireplace or even on the bedroom ceiling. Lovers can find a 42-inch HD flat-screen TV for $ 1,000 and a 50-inch flat-screen TV for $ 2,000. You can use this more. However, prices for plasma, LCD and DLP TVs have plummete over the past few months.

Wall mounts take up much less space than TV stands. 

Flat TVs are less than 4 “thick with 2” flat wall mounts and 4 “to 6” tilt wall mounts. The space require for a TV stand is 6 to 10 inches. The size of the stand table depends on the style and design. Lean on a table or stand that is at least 12 “deep and 6” deeper than the bottom of the table.

What is the exhibition area of ​​the hall? 

The comfortable viewing distance of a small TV screen is 6-10 feet. The largest plasma TVs can be viewe from 6 to 20 feet away. Consider space for all the accessories you need for a large screen TV, TV stand (or wall mount), or home entertainment system with speakers. Digital Cable Receiver and HD-DVD Player

How jealous are your neighbors

At least in the end, when they see their new 50-inch plasma? Only you can decide how many flat screen TVs you want to buy for your home. You will be much happier with your new big screen TV!

High quality material

All products are made from high quality materials and soft and durable professional glass fabric. The glossy white screen is made up of four different layers. Contains woven fiberglass sheet to prevent static electricity and wrinkles. New advances in display technology enable our products to produce smooth screens that retain color and shape over time. The screen surface is washable, fire retardant and mildew resistant. The matte white screen has a gain of 1.0 and an optimum viewing angle of 100 degrees. Matte white screens are the most common screen surface. Has flexible usage options. Very effective and affordable

Glass Beads Display (GB)

Small glass beads are embedd in the surface. This screen is capable of capturing taller images and reflecting many of the images displayed in the viewer. It also uses advanced ESD and dust protection technology to reduce the need for maintenance while maintaining high screen brightness and vivid colors. The screen surface is washable, fire retardant and mildew resistant. The glass bead display has a 2.3 degree magnification and an ideal viewing angle of 70 degrees. This screen is best for applications that prioritize high brightness and do not require a wide viewing angle.

Flexible polyethylene (PS)

These screens are made from special materials. Soft and elastic using original diamond wire. These stripes eliminate the distortion of many purple lights and light waves on the screen. The end result is a soft, crisp image of perfectly saturat colors. PS shield is fireproof. Washable PS material is only use for home theater / entertainment screens. (Fixe Bezel Display and Stretch Label Display) PS material has a smooth glossy white finish with 1.0 gain and a perfect 100 ° display cone.

There is also a gray contrast option with a gain of 0.8. Both versions create lifelike images with vibrant and vivid colors. The surface quality of PS series monitors is better than matte white monitors. This improves the image quality.

Highest quality materials (HG)

RipperOnline gave you the unique high performance material is a high quality optical polymer with a thickness of only 1 mm, which does not cause glare or glare. Thanks to the homogeneous structure, the light is evenly distribut over the entire surface. The screen is durable and has an anti-allergenic surface. The front-facing silver screen is very bright with a 132-degree viewing angle and a maximum magnification of 20 and ½. These plates can be easily clean with mild soap or water. These screens are intend for use in applications that do not require room lighting or have dim light.


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