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Free Ethereum Cloud Mining Websites

Cryptocurrency or digital or virtual currency has stormed the financial markets since 2017 when the price of Bitcoin almost hit the all-time high of $20,000 worth after its launch in 2009. Besides Bitcoins, many altcoins had also established their position in crypto markets especially those who claim to improve the experience of the crypto community. One of them is Ethereum launched by Vitalik Buterin with the concept of smart contracts. Not only smart contracts, the network of Ethereum gives the platform for the developers to build their Decentralised Apps with already existing customized open-source protocols. Recently Ethereum is gaining popularity due to the concept of supporting Ethereum Cloud Mining. In this article, I will briefly talk about the concept and also list some of the free and paid Ethereum Cloud mining websites.

What Is Ethereum Cloud Mining?

You might imagine a man having the digging tool, he is standing on a cloud for mining Ether. Oops! Sorry for the intended pun. I just want to briefly state that Ethereum Cloud Mining is not what it literally sounds. But it is a concept of crypto space to receive Ether coins.

Cloud mining is simply a process to transfer or share technical power or electricity to mine cryptocurrency and get rewards associated with it. Ethereum cloud mining is particularly associated with Ether where a crypto enthusiast who wants to try his hands in Ethereum mining but without entering into mainstream and investing much of his funds. In the process of cloud mining, power consumption is being shared with the minimal requirement of Bitcoin mining hardware. In a way, you can invest in a mining pool that utilizes the mining devices, electricity, and the efficient team to mine Ether coins. But how to find Ethereum cloud mining pool? 

Ethereum Cloud Mining Websites

In this present digital world, everything can be found out with just a few clicks. To find the Ethereum mining pool, you need to scroll through a few of the listed websites, and you can mine the Ether both on a paid basis and no paid or free basis. Paid or free is based on the initial amount paid to start the mining process. Both of them hold a few pros and cons and totally depends on your requirements.

Free Ethereum Cloud Mining Websites

If suddenly one day you decide that you want to invest in the mining process and wish to enjoy rewarded Ethers but as soon as you check your bank balance, you may not find a sufficient amount to start. So, here is the solution for you. Free Ethereum Cloud Mining websites that do not want you to pay for initial fees. These sites provide you a chance to enjoy the benefits of trial periods and after that small percentage of earned profits need to be paid to host websites. Some of the popular free Ethereum cloud mining websites are:

Swiss Gold Global

Swiss Gold Global is a host platform or Ethereum cloud mining website which facilitates daily payouts on its highly secured platform. SGG has different packages depending on the investment they can make after a trial period ranging from $250 to $5000. One of the striking features of SGG is that it provides you the opportunity to gain from affiliate marketing services also where commissions can be easily converted to lifetime contracts. The flexibility of entry with no initial amounts and exit by stopping the contract or mining at any point time made SGG popular among crypto enthusiasts.

Nice Miner

Nice Miner is like its name suggests “Nice” which does not let you to invest your funds in Bitcoin mining hardware or in electricity consumption but then also allows you to mine Ether. Nice Miner is super nice as it offers you an affiliate bonus of up to 15% by referring to their services, thereby providing an opportunity to earn passive income. With three different packages based on the time duration of 3 months, 5 months, and lifetime, Nice Miner helps you in earning Ether coins. Affordability of different packages captivates the interest and funds of the enthusiasts interested in the mining process.

Ethereum Miner (

User-friendly intuitive interface makes the Ethereum Miner as the first choice for beginners. Exclusivity to mine Ether coins, non-complex setup process and affordable packages, turns Ethereum miner into a combo pack for the crypto miners. Not only, Ethereum Miner provides you with affordable plans ranging from 0 to 10 ETH, but it also provides you with plenty of suggestions related to Ethereum wallets to store your private keys and exchanges to purchase or trade Ether. With merely negligible investment, a decent amount on a daily basis can be earned from the website of Ethereum Miner.


Some of the Ethereum cloud mining websites on a paid basis are also available which gives you more administering power over your Ether coins earned. Hash Flare, Genesis mining, Hash Gains are some of the popular websites used on a paid basis for Ethereum Cloud Mining.

Summing Up

Etherum cloud mining is a relatively new concept but gaining popularity among the crypto enthusiasts who wish to mine Ether coins. As the power consumption and daily updation of hardware and software for mining seems to be a tedious task, cloud mining gives you a way out from problems while involving you in the process of mining. Many of the Ethereum clouding pools allow you to watch the mining process while sitting at home through your webcam. Thus, the cloud mining process is here to stay and widespread among the crypto space

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